Only You by Willa Okati

Only You by Willa Okati
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTI
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Second Chance — a small town where anything can happen — and does.

Once upon a time, a eighteen year old Alpha named Alex fell in love with a pretty Omega boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Zachary was everything he’d ever wanted — sweet, sassy, and sexy as hell. Alex would have married that boy and raised baby after baby with him — if Zachary hadn’t run away when Alex popped the question.

Alex doesn’t give up easily. When a train derails on its way to Alex’s hometown, he’s finally got another shot at the one who got away, and he’s not going to waste it. Now he’s got Zachary in his sights, and he’s never letting go again.

It killed Zachary to let Alex go the first time. He loved that man as much as Alex loved him, and he’s never fallen out of love, but he left to give Alex his best chance at living his best life. Zachary can’t — won’t — be sorry for that, no matter what it cost him.

Stranded in Second Chance with nowhere else to go and no way to get there, Zachary’s got no choice but to accept the help and shelter Alex offers. The chemistry’s still there. The desire. The connection. The yearning. But when the secrets they’ve both been keeping come to light, will they shatter their bond for keeps, or bring them together in a forever kind of love?

When they were teenagers Alpha Alex fell in love with Omega Zachary. But Zachary was from the wrong side of the tracks, and even though they were both kids, Zachary knew Alex was destined for far bigger and greater things than Zachary could achieve. So even though it broke his heart Zachary did the bigger thing and left, so Alex could achieve his greatness. But life and Second Chance has a way of bringing people back together again.

This is a smoking hot and thoroughly enjoyable read. I really enjoyed both Alex and Zach’s characters and while I admit I found their actions a little predictable they were both characters I felt I could empathize with and relate to.

I was pleased that much of the story is told from Zach’s point of view. Since he is the one who initially left Alex and made some of those fundamental decisions seeing and feeling his reasoning and the depth of his connection to Alex really made the separation between the men more palatable from my perspective. While I sympathized with Alex and found him an equally interesting character, I feel the story really shone better and gave the reader a deeper understanding of the whole situation coming from Zach’s voice.

The intimacy between the men was smoking hot and entirely believable. I thought the author did an excellent job showing Alex and Zach begin to rebuild their relationship and reconnect and while I felt the plotline itself lacked a little freshness it was really well written and I was invested enough in Alex and Zach to not mind this.

With some seriously steamy sex, two vibrant and interesting characters and a whole bucketload of baggage and history between them this is a fun and easy read I feel should appeal to many people.

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