One Stormy Night by K.R. Bailey

One Stormy Night by K.R. Bailey
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Suspense/Mystery, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (55 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

How can a hunting trip go terribly wrong?

Evie loves to hunt, and she’s a better shot than any man. Scott is fun-loving and sexy–the perfect companion. But what starts out as a wonderful date turns deadly when they witness a terrible crime and must flee for their lives.

Evie and Scott begin their day laughing and teasing, but car trouble and a freak blizzard force them to seek refuge in a deserted farmhouse. Once they get a fire started, the farmhouse seems like the perfect–and perfectly romantic–place to wait for help. Until three strangers arrive carrying assault weapons.

When they witness a murder, Evie and Scott must escape back into the frigid, snowy darkness to hide from the criminals. Only by relying on each other can they survive.

Sometimes thinking on your feet is the only option.

Evie and Scott have great chemistry. They clearly are in a new relationship, but their strong friendship makes me think they will continue to make a good match even after they’ve settled into a routine. The best scenes in this story focus on how attached they’ve become to one another.

It was difficult for me to understand why they were so underprepared for their excursion. Most hunting trips are straightforward, of course. Travelling to an extremely remote area where communication with the outside world is spotty at best requires a level of safety and first aid preparation that these characters seem to have overlooked.

Scott is clearly a very smart guy. This fuzzy thinking on his part doesn’t match up with how he responds to the crime they witness on their trip. People make mistakes, though, and how he reacts in the heat of the moment is well worth reading. I enjoyed seeing him in action, and I can understand why Evie is so attracted to him.

I would have liked to see Evie’s personality fleshed out. While it’s completely understandable that someone who doesn’t have any real experience in this kind of environment will make mistakes, certain decisions of hers defy common sense. It was difficult for me to sympathize with Evie at times because how mismatched her reactions are to her surroundings.

The setting is perfect for this tale. It’s much easier to get injured or killed in a desert than it would be in a less volatile climate. These dangers added a level of suspense to the plot that made it hard for me to stop reading until I’d reached the conclusion.

One Stormy Night is a solid blend of romance and mystery. It’s a good choice for anyone in the mood for a short, satisfying read.

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