One Sex Scene Too Far by Larissa Vine

One Sex Scene Too Far by Larissa Vine
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (49 pgs)
Other: M/F, spanking
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Bittersweet

Robin lives alone on a diet of romance novels. She wishes men could be like the heroes in her books. But her warring parents have taught her that real life is 50 shades of messed up.

She goes to a book launch held for the famous author Luke Delaney, who is as dreamy as any fictional hero. On the way back from the launch, Luke causes her to fall off of her bike. He’s mortified and wants to make it up to her. They go on a thinly veiled date where he confesses that he’s writing a romance novel and is struggling with the sex scenes.

Robin offers to act out the scenes with him, so that he can describe them better. Against her better judgment, she finds herself falling deeper for him.

He reveals the final sex scene― a threesome with two women. Now Robin is forced to make a choice. Should she walk away and lose Luke forever? Or have the threesome and risk getting emotionally hurt? Exactly how far is she willing to go for a book?

One Sex Scene Too Far by Larissa Vine was a sweet, short, erotic romance.

The author hooked me from page one with Robin, a curvy heroine addicted to romance novels and prone to daydreaming. I felt identified with her and eagerly stepped into her shoes.

I enjoyed the hero too. Luke was, of course, very good looking, but sensitive and a famous author to boot. To make matters even better, he was attempting to write a romance novel, Swoon.

Although the excuse for them to get together was a bit farfetched, it worked. Eagerly, I read on to see how Robin would help Luke in role-playing those sex scenes. The author didn’t disappoint and they were well written and hot.
Sadly, things took a turn for the worse a little more than half-way through the book. It felt as if the author had lost the desire to delve deeper and things turned rushed. The connection between the characters was there but it was purely physical. Robin kept telling herself not to fall for Luke, but honestly, I couldn’t see when she had. All I saw between them was scorching sex and a mutual admiration.

Furthermore, the big climax, that moment when Luke tells Robin he wants to do a threesome, did not translate well to me as a reader. Luke tells her: “There’s nothing that you can help me with.”, and from that line, Robin understands the exact opposite. I didn’t and was really confused by the whole thing.

Regardless of this, I believe her reaction was way over the top. She hardly let Luke explain and went to find solace in the arms of someone she knew little about. On the other hand, I feel like Luke acted out of character when it was revealed why he walked away from pursuing Robin.

Nonetheless, I did find the ending to the story sweet, and the way of apology incredibly romantic.  If you’re looking for something sweet, entertaining and easy to read, I’d recommend One Sex Scene Too Far.

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