One Last Hit by Maia Dylan

One Last Hit by Maia Dylan
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (49 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Aaron George thought he’d lost the love of his life seven years ago. Right up until he pulled back the curtain of a hospital examination room and found Marshall Armstrong tending to a bullet wound on the other side. Then the night got really strange. They found themselves getting shot at and running for their lives.

Marshall Armstrong had finally come for Aaron. He’d been working toward it from the moment he’d had to fake his own death. Now, just when he had enough money and resources to take Aaron back, Aaron’s father, Franklin George knew his son was alive and that Marshall had a few secrets of his own.

Can Marshall and Aaron get back together as they work to make this one last hit before they disappear forever, or will their shot go wide and leave them with nothing?

Marshall lived in a dangerous world, and when he came a little too close to death he was left with no choice but to leave everything – including Aaron, who he loved more than anything – behind. Finally ready to set things right, Marshall comes back to collect Aaron only to find the danger is even greater now. Can the two men mend their bridges and finally start the life they both really want?

Despite the heavy plot of the story – assassins, corruption and a father trying desperately hard to kill his only son – I actually found this to be a light, loving and wonderful story full of reconciliation. Marshall and Aaron truly do love each other and there’s plenty of conflict and tension between them. Marshall had faked his death and the two men had so much history – and so much of their love still simmered below the surface – that I was pleased they could both move past their hurt. Marshall and Aaron’s characters were deep and intense and I really enjoyed them. Franklin – Aaron’s father – was a bit more of a mystery, an insidious Godfather type of bad guy who was determined to forge his path and kill (literally) everyone who got in the way. Franklin’s character felt a little more cartoon-ish and overdrawn to me, but that didn’t really detract from my enjoyment of the story as Franklin was merely the “in the shadows” bad guy. The plot and most of the story really revolved around Marshall and Aaron and their reconnecting.

I found the sex scene to be intense and well-timed – Aaron and Marshall had built up to it and the scene didn’t feel to me like sex just for the sake of it, but a genuine reconnection. Readers looking for a lot of arguments or a deeply intricate plot might be a little disappointed. Aaron and Marshall and their reunion and building up again of their intense relationship is prominent to the storyline, along with the two men escaping various contract killers and assassins. I found the resolution of this storyline to be deeply satisfying and well written.

Overall this is a great short story and one I enjoyed. I really loved both Aaron and Marshall’s characters and was so glad they got back together. This left me happy and feeling satisfied and was a great read I know I’ll enjoy again in the future.

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