Oliver’s Leather Adventure by Serena Yates


Oliver’s Leather Adventure by Serena Yates
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (17 pgs)
Other: M/M
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Blake owns a leather shop, and supplies his best friend’s club Whip with anything its members need for their play. He isn’t into the leather scene himself, though. One day a clearly intimidated young man walks in under the ‘supervision’ of a physically stronger muscleman. Oliver, an extremely cute hottie, is looking for tight leather pants, but without conviction. When the muscleman turns abusive, Blake becomes suspicious. And develops a plan to rescue Oliver…

Blake Thompson owns a leather shop, with all the mainstream outfits out front and the more adventurous items in the back area. When Oliver enters his shop Blake is equal parts charmed and concerned for the younger man, intrigued by his dimples and manners, but worried that he’s being subtly manipulated by his partner, Rob. Wanting to help Oliver but not willing to over-step the boundaries of politeness, Blake makes up a few hasty stories and decides Oliver needs someone to watch out for him and protect him.

I enjoyed reading about Blake and Oliver’s meeting, and loved the positive, hopeful ending – just at the cusp of them exploring and starting something fresh and new. Blake is a wonderful character, protective but not overbearing, and Oliver might be young, but he’s stubborn and knows his own mind. I was disappointed only in that this is billed as an erotic short story, and there was no sex, or erotic culmination. While I understand – and often appreciate – there are many flavours of sex, when I’m reading an erotic story I expect some sort of sexual gratification, and this story didn’t have any. Having said that, there’s plenty of chemistry and sexual tension. the author did a wonderful job keeping my attention and I eagerly turned the pages to find what happened next.

I’d love to read more about these two as I can clearly see even from this brief snapshot of them both how they’d complement each other and clearly have an equal partnership in their romance. There’s plenty of conflict and tension in the plot, memorable characters and overall I found this is a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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