Obsession by Anise Storm


Obsession by Anise Storm
Nirvana Book 1
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (111 pages)
Other: M/F, BDSM, multiple partners, spanking,
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

The ultimate bachelor meets his match when he sets out to seduce his secretary. What starts off as fantasy soon becomes an obsession.

Thaddeus Remington has everything he has ever wanted—a successful business, wealth and the ultimate bachelor lifestyle—until he meets his new secretary, Hannah Brinkley. Immediately he is intrigued and drawn to her, unaware of the side she keeps hidden until he sees her one evening at a local Atlanta kink club. Intending to turn his fantasies into reality, he sets out to seduce her.

Hannah Brinkley, a transplant from Texas, is unable to resist the lure of once again finding pleasure at the hands of a Dominant and becomes a member at a local club. Once there, she realizes that the man who flirts incessantly with her throughout the day is actually in a position to back up each and every naughty suggestion.

Physical attraction soon leads to a full-blown obsession that leaves them not only questioning each other but also searching their own hearts. Will the answers revealed bring them closer to experiencing nirvana in each other’s arms or tear them apart for good?

Starting over after a bad breakup, Hannah Brinkley needed the satisfaction and security she found in submission and club Nirvana offered that in spades. When her boss, Thad Remington, learns of her need for kink, their work relationship shifts to a whole new level. One with spanking benches, silk ropes and a dungeon full of wicked pain for pleasure toys. She’s not in Texas anymore!

Thad Remington is the consummate Dominate male lead character. He has the looks, the money, the alpha charisma and the love of dark kink that make women willingly obey him. It’s pretty clear up front that he loves his bachelor status and has no desire to change it for anyone. He’s attracted to his personal secretary, Hannah, and I wanted to see how she would handle him outside the office.

Hannah is a very soft spoken, almost too timid, female lead. I know she’s supposed to be submissive and maybe she’s just so overwhelmed by Thad’s personality, but I think I wanted her to be a little more together. Not so “door mat” like in the office. What she likes in the club is pretty extreme. When she gives Thad her very short list of hard limits, I was like “Really? That’s it?”. Maybe what they say about the freedom submission gives a person is true and especially for someone like Hannah. In the club she has the courage to be the stronger person she isn’t comfortable being outside the club. I did like that Hannah seems to grow more of a spine towards the end of this story. I think by the time this series concludes she’s going to be someone who isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants.

Then there’s the whole corporate rivalry angle of this short story. I knew I wouldn’t get the complete picture in this book but what I did get made me very curious as to Finley’s side and how Hannah would be in middle of it all. I totally have my fingers crossed that the last book will bring all three of them together in a menage setting but the level of animosity that Thad has for Finley, has me doubting it. I hope I’m wrong!

I want to really like this series because I’m hooked on the premise and need to see how it plays out. This first book is good. It’s dark and I was a little concerned at how quickly Hannah places her trust in Thad to do seriously naughty things. Yes, she worked for him for a few months but once he confronts her in the club, it’s like she’s known him for years and trust is implicit. This is a short story though so, I guess the author had to move them along quickly to fit in all necessary details that would set up the next two books.

This book ends on a cliff hanger that sets up the next book. I’m hooked and need to see what happens in England and what brings them together in the third book. Readers who enjoy the darker side of BDSM should give this one a try.

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