Numbers Game by Desiree Holt and Liz Crowe

Numbers Game by Desiree Holt and Liz Crowe
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Larkspur

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

Former professional football player and coach Duncan “Hatch” Hatcher fumbled his career and marriage. Now divorced and ready to tackle his future, he has an opportunity to redeem himself as coach of his college alma mater’s football team. But how can he turn the team’s losing streak around and keep the secret of his downfall buried when the school agrees to a documentary that will allow a lovely journalist to dig her way into his past…and into his heart?

Olivia Grant’s ex-husband almost wrecked her journalism career while he definitely did a number on her self-esteem. The documentary on Duncan Hatcher is the perfect way to rebuild both. As a freshman in college, she’d had a crush on the senior football hero, but he hadn’t known she existed. She never expects the sparks that fly between them as they work on the project nor the struggles they must face if they both want to win.

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Olivia is apprehensive about starting over as a producer at thirty seven. She has gone through a painful divorce and a husband that nearly ruined her career. She is excited and nervous to start this next phase of her life. To revive her career she has decided to do a documentary on the golden boy of football Duncan “Hatch” Hatcher. When she meets him sparks fly and she tries to stay focused on only the documentary, but Hatch is impossible to resist. Olivia’s ex husband beat her down with insults and verbal abuse. Hatch does the opposite. Olivia has never met anyone like Hatch, he treats her like gold and is always complimenting her.

At forty two Hatch has had a great career; he is good looking and adored. He was a legend in both college and professional football and now he has come back to his college football team as the head coach. Unfortunately, the team and the football program isn’t as good as it used to be and he has some hard work ahead of him. Hatch knows he needs to concentrate on his new team, but there is something about Olivia that he can’t ignore.

Hatch and Olivia are wonderful together. They both have pasts they aren’t ready to talk about and secrets they don’t want exposed. Hatch and Olivia are both working on rebuilding their careers and don’t have time to get involved in a relationship with each other but from the moment they meet, there is a spark they find hard to ignore.

What I enjoyed the most about this book was Hatch. He is a mixture of a big tough football player, but he is also tender and a romantic at heart. He has given up on marriage and relationships, but with Olivia, everything just seems to click. Hatch is a great guy and I loved the way he treats Olivia.

I enjoyed all the encounters between Hatch and Olivia. They are soulmates meant to be together, but not everyone is happy they are together. Neither one of them has time for distractions and an attraction could potentially derail their careers. They are wonderful together and share a passionate relationship. They don’t hold back or play any games with each other and even though they are both successful, they are also vulnerable. I never wanted this story to end.

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