Not That Innocent by Angel Ray

Not That Innocent by Angel Ray
Publisher: Books To Go Now
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (39 pages)
Other: M/F, Anal Play, Rimming
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Leonardo Morgan—Leo to his friends—was known for two things: running a Website geared towards younger single men and being a notorious womanizer. Leo had affairs with many of his female assistants and he made no apologies for it. That is, until he hired his newest assistant Sara Griffith. Sara was an “innocent” farm girl trying to make it in the big city. Or so Leo thought. An unexpected night of passion between them made him rethink his first impression of Sara and that she might not have been as “innocent” as he initially thought.

Their relationship blossoms both in and out of the bedroom. Eventually Leo realizes that his feelings for Sara go beyond merely sexual and that he has genuine feelings for her. He wonders—he hopes—she shares the same feelings for him. Can Sara tame this notorious and shameless womanizer?

Leo ran his own website and didn’t mind sleeping occasionally with her personal assistants. But these assistants were usually very young, self-absorbed and fairly useless. Interviewing for yet another new assistant, Leo had to admit there were a number with better qualifications than Sara, but with her big blue eyes, innocent air and gorgeous body Leo gave in to his baser impulses and hired Sara anyway. Leo can’t help but fantasize about the sexy woman and working so closely together he wants to be a lot more than boss and employee.

This is a super-hot short story along the fairly well-known lines of a “boss-falls-for-secretary” style. I was interested to note that it’s told from Leo’s perspective in the first person which I found to be somewhat unusual for women’s romance, but an interestingly different take on other similar stories that I’ve read before. I was a little disappointed how almost the first third of the book was pretty firmly based on Leo alone – except for the brief interview there was no interaction with Sara. While I understand the need to solidify Leo and his character to the reader it felt a little like wasted space in the short length of story. I found myself impatient to see Leo and Sara interact together and while Leo’s fantasies and masturbation scene certainly ramped up the spice factor of the story I’d have far preferred to have those pages show me Leo and Sara getting to know each other better instead.

I certainly found things progressed between Leo and Sara very quickly after that – and much like the title of the story indicates, Sara is nowhere near as innocent or shy as she first makes out to be. While I didn’t find the relationship building between Leo and Sara very romantic at all, the author did a very good job with the erotic element of Sara and Leo’s relationship and they both enjoyed a number of active and explicit scenes throughout the rest of the story.

While there is a solidly “Happy For Now” style of ending I feel this story would fare better with erotica readers and not readers who like a more emotional connection between their hero and heroine. I didn’t mind the lack of overt romance between Leo and Sara, but could understand why their very sexual and not so emotional relationship might not sit as well with more traditional romance readers. Deliciously explicit and very detailed this story won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but is a fun and quick read that is spicy enough to hit the spot when a fast and short story is needed.


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