No Turning Back by Anne Rainey

No Turning Back by Anne Rainey
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (152 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lisianthus

Several beers into commiserating over their boring nine-to-five jobs, financial analyst Jensen Kershaw and his buddies come up with a brilliant idea: open their own house-cleaning service. So what if they don’t know which is the business end of a mop. What could possibly go wrong?

Getting run over by a runaway truck, that’s what. Fortunately, Jensen is knocked off his feet—and his heart is knocked sideways—by the sexy blonde who saves his life. And when he learns she’s the artist behind a line of fiery custom motorcycle paint jobs, his interest rockets off the charts.

After a bad relationship and miscarriage that left her shattered, the only way Marquetta gets through her days is sinking herself so deep into her art, her brothers are worried about her. Yet the sinfully sexy charmer who winds up in her lap begins to thaw her long-frozen emotions, and it scares the hell out of her.

A long time ago, she swore “never again”. Too bad her heart isn’t in the mood to listen…

Near death experiences have a tendency to make a man rethink his life, and Jensen Kershaw is no exception. After he nearly dies by walking in front of a semi, he falls head over heels in lust with the blonde who saved him.

Jensen is an extremely sexy and patient hero, it’s obvious he’s use to strategizing his life and his approach to convince Marquetta to go out with him were inspired. I really loved his determination and his unwillingness to give up on her.

Marquetta has her reasons for swearing off men, but Jensen is the kind of man who gets under her skin and sneaks up in her blind side when she’s not paying attention.

I picked this book up because the idea of the man maids cleaning service intrigued me.  We don’t spend a lot of time with Jensen at work with his Man Maids service, but this is also obviously set up as the beginning of a series. I look forward to reading the others stories.

If they’re anything like the love story between Marquetta and Jensen, then I know they’ll keep me captivated. I was very much in love with these two by the end of the story. I highly recommend this story for fans of romance that have persistent heroes and heroines that make them work for it.

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