No Easy Way Out by Dayna Lorentz

No Easy Way Out by Dayna Lorentz
Publisher: Dial Books
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery, YA
Length: Full Length (470 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 14+
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

It’s Day 7 in the quarantined mall. The riot is over and the senator trapped inside is determined to end the chaos. Even with new rules, assigned jobs, and heightened security, she still needs to get the teen population under control. So she enlists Marco’s help–allowing him to keep his stolen universal card key in exchange for spying on the very football players who are protecting him.

But someone is working against the new systems, targeting the teens, and putting the entire mall in even more danger. Lexi, Marco, Ryan, and Shay believe their new alliances are sound.

They are wrong. Who can be trusted? And who will be left to trust?

The virus was just the beginning.
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Fans of Life As We Knew It and those who love apocalyptic plots will love this modern Lord of the Flies. The sequel to No Safety in Numbers is a pounding, relentless rush that will break your heart and keep you guessing until the end.

Imagine being quarantined inside a mall with people dying all around you from the flu and limited resources…

Ms. Lorentz writes a raw and gritty story about a dystopian type world where the impossible has happened and only the strong will survive. I didn’t read the first book, so I may have missed some nuances in the story, but it was easy to see that bullies and greed had survived the epidemic and were becoming rampant in the mall. The author makes you start to look around corners and wonder about dark spots right from the start. This is the second book in the series, No Safety In Numbers. I know I’d hate being sequestered with all those strangers, especially since it looks like there may be no way out.

A lady Senator takes over command. The mall security herds the shoppers into “Home Stores” where they have cramped sleeping quarters. Anyone who coughs too much goes missing in the night. The food is ugly and soon you have groups sneaking around looking for better snacks, alcohol, or sex.

What makes this story readable is the characters Mr. Lorentz creates. In the midst of the chaos and despair, there are a few children who are determined to make it. They want to escape the mall, they want to stay alive and they are strong when others fall. Her characters are human and make mistakes. There’s a bit of the “Lord of Flies” flavor in this story.

I found the story both interesting and a bit dreadful to read. There will be at least one more book in this series and my interest in finding out what happens next will make me watch for it and read it. Why not give it a read yourself and see if the author can lasso your interest, too?


  1. Are you planning to read the first book in the series at some point?

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