My Texas Cowboy by Abigail Armani

My Texas Cowboy by Abigail Armani
Publisher: LSR Publications
Genre: Contemporary. Mystery/Suspense
Length: Short Story (45 pgs)
Other: M/F, Spanking
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

My Texas Cowboy is the second book in the Love on a Ranch series. The beautiful and talented Rose has it all – after an exciting whirlwind romance she finds herself engaged to Hank Armstrong, a hunky Texan alpha male with wealth, intelligence, charm, and rugged good looks. During the three months leading up to the wedding, Rose lives with Hank and his family on their large and successful ranch. The chemistry between the two is almost tangible – and Hank has no qualms about giving his woman a spanking when she needs one. Rose quickly settles into ranch life, forging a role for herself as well as getting to know everyone in this warm-hearted extended family. All goes well until disaster strikes the week before the wedding, as unbeknown to Rose and Hank, their movements have been observed by a sinister figure. Seizing his opportunity he abducts Rose, hides her in an claustrophobic underground prison and holds her to ransom. Hank is frantic; neighbors and friends join Hank and the sheriff to help in the search for Rose – but will they be in time?

We also have a parallel story developing between Hank’s parents – Isaac and his estranged wife Brenda. It seems that love and passion are very much a part of life on the Armstrong ranch.

Hank and Rose have had a whirlwind three month engagement and are getting married in a week’s time, but all that goes terribly wrong when Rose is abducted. Out of his mind with worry, Hank, his family and others from the local town search. Tensions mount as time passes and soon everyone is worried perhaps the best time of their lives might turn into the worst.

This is the second book about Hank and Rose, but can easily be read as a stand-alone book. I enjoyed how the story picked up only a short time after the last one left off, and that the author didn’t move Hank and Rose’s relationship backwards as often happens. Solid in their love and comfortable with each other, this story progresses their relationship wonderfully. I also liked the sub-plot of Hanks mother and father (Brenda and Issac) re-discovering their own love story, having been estranged for sixteen years previous to Hank and Rose’s engagement.

I was a little disappointed how we find out almost immediately after Rose is abducted who the villain of the piece is, but I’d already made a good guess about it, therefore it wasn’t a surprise to me. Still, the mystery reader in me would have enjoyed a little more tension and a longer wait for that to be revealed. I also would have liked there to be more details on Rose for those days she was missing and the interactions between her and her abductor. That section of the book felt rushed and not as well covered as the rest of the story line. For such a large part of the plot it didn’t get as much time as the sub-plot of Brenda and Issac , or even the preparations leading up to the wedding, so I felt a little short-changed in that respect.

While the story felt a little clichéd in places, I nevertheless found this to be an interesting, fast-paced story filled with great characters I really cared about and left me with a warm, happy glow. There was plenty of conflict and worry in the abduction plot line and more than a little kink in the graphic sex scenes. Readers who don’t like spanking in their erotic stories probably won’t be as satisfied as those who do. Spanking is a heavy theme sexually throughout the story, so I’d recommend those warnings be taken into account when looking into this book. But for readers who love a cowboy/Western feel to their spicy romance, and for readers who like a bit of mystery too, I feel this is a lovely read with good characters and was thoroughly enjoyable.

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