My Plan B by Shelley Munro

My Plan B by Shelley Munro
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full length (167 pages)
Other: M/F, Masturbation
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Review by: Xeranthemum

Plan A sucks. Move over for plan B…

Sports commentator and reporter, Megan Saxon, has it all. The perfect career and freedom to do anything she wants, but as the years creep by she realizes love, or at least male companionship, has thumbed its nose at her. With the help of her agent-friend, she hatches Plan B. A brief love affair with a younger man will cure all ills and help her plan for the future.

The problem with plan B? Nothing, I repeat nothing, goes the way she plans, and she’s left gasping for breath, dodging reporters and suffering acute embarrassment.

The. Worst. Blushing. Epidemic. Ever.

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Yes, this Plan B has potential calamity for both parties. A pity that neither of them has a lick of good sense when they’re in the same room, touching… Kissing… Caressing…

Do you know what I get when I pick up a book by Ms. Munro? An engaging story, an actual plot and a sigh-worthy romance with all its sexiness. I love the theme of second chances. Of discovering that, even if you loved and lost, there’s a solid chance of finding love again. Happiness is about to find Megan and Jacey.

The way Plan B evolved during the planning was interesting but the actual implementation of it was not what the heroine expected. At. All. There is plenty of amusement from that scene.

The editing was clean and the dialogue provided wonderful insight into both characters. It’s written in third person POV and I’m glad it was. When the hero and heroine ‘talk in their head’, a reader learns their pains, fears, confusion and their burgeoning hope not to mention the inside scoop as their feelings for each other grow.

The sense of family between Jacey and his step-son, Henry, and the other secondary characters gave life, believability and substance to the plot, and the camaraderie engaged a reader 100%. These were people, although mostly paranormal in nature, experiencing the same kinds of issues that readers could relate to. And some issues are, as you know, really delicate, like how to tell a human that you’re more than just a man. A common trope is to have the other partner discover the secret themselves in an untimely, inopportune moment and everyone gets emotional. Ms. Munro handled it perfectly.

There’s a wonderful amount of nipping and biting, touching, and getting and giving satisfaction until they see stars. But with all the sexy going on, it doesn’t drive the story; the characters while navigating their romance among nosy and mean spirited reporters, snippy sisters and a surprising oops moment, all kept me riveted and charmed. Maybe even giving me a hot flash or two.

I’ve hopscotched reading books in the Middlemarch Shifters series and I find that I hardly ever feel lost or confused. The author zeroes in on the stars of the story and I get all the info I need to enjoy it. My Plan B is an easy recommend to other paranormal erotic romance enthusiasts. The story is 167 pages and I zipped right through in one afternoon. There is a sneak peek to another book, My Cat Nap which explains why the total page count is higher. The bonus chapter at the council meeting is a very nice touch. I believe other readers will like the emotions the characters displayed in that scene.

My Plan B is a great read. When you pick up your own copy, kick back and get ready to enjoy a fun romance.

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