My Brother’s Killer – A Psycho Thriller by Mitsie Ann

My Brother’s Killer – A Psycho Thriller by Mitsie Ann
Publisher: Amazon Digital
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short Story (23 pgs)
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

Stranger Beside Me

Devastated and traumatized by the death of his only brother and from a bad marriage, hardworking fiction author Gil Hardy retreats to a small town in Colorado to heal. He finds love again in the arms of Cara Watson.

One look at Cara and he was immediately mesmerized. She was everything that he was looking for in his ideal companion. However, lately their relationship has been on the rocks. She is tempestuous as she is beautiful. Beneath her layer of beauty resides a stranger that he wants to uncover. She is haunted by secrets and scars from a morbid past. Gil does not know that on the inside of his soon to be ex is a diabolical woman waiting to erupt. It doesn’t take long before he sees her dark side.

Will he ever get the chance to unravel her secrets before it is too late to save himself? Fate brought these two troubled souls together, but will fate intervene once more to keep them apart?

What does a always on the edge, twice divorced alcoholic and a crime thriller author have in common? As you read My Brother’s Killer you will find out that they share plenty of drama and also an underlying secret.

Gil Hardy is a crime thriller author who is finally making a name for himself as an author. His parents were taken away too soon due to a drunk driver and he hasn’t gotten over his brother’s unsolved murder that happened five years ago. Presently he is about fed up with his jealous, spit-fire girlfriend Cara. Gil is ready to call it quits but Cara sees things differently.

The author writes an interesting story with lively characters that moves the story along fairly quickly. Even though Cara isn’t a likable character she adds flavor and spice to the story. The suspense is one that is fairly easy to figure out. The story is along the lines of a Lifetime movie. A relationship that starts out good and as the story goes on the person’s true colors start to show, and you can’t help but to keep reading to see how bad the disaster turns out. Just as if I was watching a movie and talking to the characters on television I found myself telling Gil my advice but just like the character on television, he didn’t listen.

There were a few things that I personally got hung up on. One was the scene at the police station after an altercation the police officer advises Cara and Gil to patch things up. I found that advice disturbing as well as Gil not pressing charges being that his property was vandalized. In addition he has evidence of physical bruises; bruises that still were visible on him after weeks had passed. Also, I was puzzled that Lizze is Cara’s best friend but also Lizze is close enough friends with Gil to visit his home without Cara. These are minimal things that I personally found as a glitch but I still enjoyed the overall story.

The writing is good, the story held my attention and a resolution was reached for all in the end.

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