Must Love Ghosts by Jennifer Savalli

Must Love Ghosts by Jennifer Savalli
Must Love Ghosts Book 1:
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (88 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Haunted? Call 1-800-GHOST-HUNK.

Tia McGarry believes love is nothing more than a biochemical cocktail, and she’ll have the research to prove it—as soon as she and her calm, stable, almost-fiancé land a research grant.

Her biggest mistake, bad boy ex-boyfriend Dec Mancini, is firmly in her past. But when the ghost of her long-dead great-uncle moves into her living room, Dec is the only paranormal investigator with the skills to get rid of him.

Dec is used to scorn and ridicule, but he never quite got over Tia’s refusal to believe. With irrefutable proof that ghosts exist manifesting in her house, he can finally earn respect for his profession—and maybe find common ground for himself and Tia to rebuild on.

Tia can’t deny their crazy, chaotic chemistry is strong as ever, but as the ghost’s pranks threaten to put her grant out of reach, she must decide which is the greater risk: letting a ghost jeopardize her career, or falling in love with the man who could destroy her safe, stable life.

A skeptical psychologist and a professor falls in love with a paranormal investigator. Does their love have a ghost of a chance?

Tia is a professor and a psychologist who doesn’t really believe in ghosts or the paranormal. Declan, her ex-boyfriend, is a paranormal investigator and believes the exact opposite. This puts their relationship in a bind. However, when unexplainable things start happening to her, the first person she blames is her ex.

Tia and Declan are very different characters. They have this chemistry and passion that surpasses anything else and makes them rethink themselves and what they want in their life.

At the beginning, Tia seemed uncooperative and hostile towards Declan almost to the point that she seemed egotistical. It was annoying, but it took a while for me to realize what her problem was. I would like to have known what shaped her attitude from the beginning. Add it to the fact that Declan wants to show the world proof that ghosts exists. How far would he go to get it?

The ending was very well thought out. It brought all the pieces together nicely. Overall, this is a nice short story to get lost in. Paranormal romance lovers are sure to find the mystery and heat a nice mix.

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