Mountain Prey by Lyn Gala

Mountain Prey by Lyn Gala
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (208 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal sex, BDSM, Spanking
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Cactus

Stewart Folger lives in the Appalachian Mountains, where people take care of their family and follow the Bible. He feels that Appalachian pull in his blood, but that hasn’t tamed his wild side. A youth full of pranks left him with the nickname Stunt and a preference for danger in and out of bed. Other than a few contrary moonshiners who hate him for philosophical reasons since he’s a forestry technician and federal employee, he doesn’t have a problem in the world. Then one day he runs into Alex Soto, a man out for revenge.

Just out of prison, Alex knows firsthand that the justice system doesn’t treat poor and rich equally, so he’ll have to go outside the law to avenge his brother’s death. When an innocent man lands in the middle of his plans, he doesn’t know what to do… other than take him hostage. Unfortunately, he never planned on having to deal with Stunt or with the twisted logic that passes for reasonable in Stunt’s mountain home.

Sometimes love is more important than revenge. Alex is on a mission to avenge his brother’s murder. Unfortunately Stunt gets in the way of that mission. Although Alex doesn’t want to hurt Stunt, his goal of taking down the local drug lord is more important, or so he thinks. As Alex and Stunt get closer, the plan starts to take a few unexpected twists. Ultimately Alex must make a choice between the revenge he’s nursed so carefully and the man he’s come to love.

Mountain Prey is a quick, easy to read story filled with lots of adventure and some light BDSM. Stunt is the third person narrator and everyone knows exactly what he thinks. He’s a bit of a motor mouth, even when gagged. We learn right away that Stunt likes to be tied up and this isn’t his first experience being kidnapped. He likes to help folks do the right thing so he’s okay with Alex’s plan to kill the drug lord, even if Stunt is a federal employee. The two together make an unlikely pair but their mutual taste for sex makes a strong bond.

There is some BDSM but it’s pretty mild. There is some bondage with ropes and a little teasing but mostly it’s talk. The two men talk about being a Dom and sub more than they act it out. The sex scenes are filled with tiny reminders of the power exchange but nothing hardcore or too overt. On the other hand, the dialogue and environment of the mountain are hard to miss. The old world feel and charm of the people and town shines through brightly. This lends an air of fun and lightheartedness to the story.

Mountain Prey is not necessarily the most believable story but it’s not meant to be either. It’s fun, entertaining, and filled with scene stealing characters. The BDSM is light, but provides a link between the two men. I never really warmed to either man that much and so felt very disconnected from their love affair, but I appreciated the happy ending. For once a plan actually worked!


  1. This is a new author to me. Sounds like a book I might like.Thanks for the review.

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