Morgan’s Fate by Dana Marie Bell

Morgan’s Fate by Dana Marie Bell
True Destiny Book 4
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (172 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

His Fate is finally in front of him…and he’s never letting go.

Morgan and Magnus Grimm return from their search for Skuld, Norn of the Future, only to find that she’s been living under their noses this whole time. Now that Morgan finally has the woman of his dreams within reach, nothing—not amnesia, not Odin, not even his father’s death—will prevent him from claiming the Fate he’s wanted for centuries.

Skylar Kincade is lost among these crazy people who swear that they’re the old Norse gods. But…there’s something that strikes a chord deep within her. Something from which the hot, redheaded Morgan wants to protect her.

But when the memories burst free, there’s no softening the devastating blow. For overstepping her bounds and changing their fates to save their lives, her powers were stripped away, leaving her as just another Norn.

And it seems more punishment is coming down: one of Logan’s children is missing. Skye is determined to do her part to make it right—by journeying all the way to Valhalla to meet a fate from which Morgan may not be able to save her.

Morgan’s Fate is the latest in Dana Marie Bell’s True Destiny series, filled with Norse mythology and marvelous characters. I fell in love with this series in the first book, and have enjoyed each new adventure as Ms. Bell introduces her pantheon of Norse Gods and Goddesses to the modern world.

After the death of their father Thor, twins Morgan and Magnus Grimm are more determined than ever to stop Grimm once and for all. They need to find his hammer, Mjolnir, and determine which of them will wield the magical weapon. Morgan also needs to help his mate regain her memory, and regain her past.

Skylar Kincade has no memory of the life she had, or who or what she really is. She just thinks she is a modern, psychic woman who can, occasionally, see what will happen. She has no idea she is Skuld, one of The Fates, and that she has been in love with Morgan for centuries. All she knows is that she is drawn to him for some reason. Added to all of the tension, one of Logan’s/Loki’s children has gone missing, and there is every fear that Grimm will injure or possibly even kill Sleipnir once Grimm discovers the horse is much more than believed.

As tensions mount, the group makes a journey to Valhalla, seeking to rescue Sleipnir and help Skuld regain her memories, and try once more to stop Grimm from regaining his powers. Can this determined group find Sleipnir, and change the future? Can Sky and Morgan finally find the happiness they have both waited centuries for? And what of Mjolnir, will it be found in time to aid the brothers in their quest?

I like the glimpses into the past, showing what went on before, and how each action from the past influences what happens in the present. As always, the characters are well defined and charismatic, people I want to know more about.

Morgan Grimm, son of Thor, is strong and loyal, especially to those he cares about. He is devastated by the loss of his father, but is determined to make Grimm pay for this loss. But he also is overjoyed to find the woman he loves is still alive, although she has no memories of her past as Skuld, the Norn of the Future, and he worries that, if her memories come back too quickly, it could destroy her. When he learns she has feelings for him as well, he begins a not too subtle seduction, hoping to win her to his side. I like Morgan, with his quiet and steady ways, patient and willing to wait for his heart’s desire.

Skylar Kincade, or Skuld, Norn of the Future, is positive that all of these people around her are more than a bit insane, believing themselves to be Norse Gods and ancient beings. She has no idea that she was a part of that time so long ago, until she tried to change the future by interfering, and was stripped of her powers and her memories. As her life seems to spiral out of control, she retains a dignity and strength that will see her through what lies ahead, and as she regains memories of her past as Skuld, she remembers the red haired man who drew her heart so long ago. I like Sky, with her steady demeanor and her determination to set things right no matter what.

There are several threads running through this story, and Ms. Bell brings them all together most satisfactorily here, with several surprises for everyone. The story of Morgan and Sky is passionate and enduring, and they get their well deserved happy ever after, but not without some battles along the way. The search for Mjolnir is successful, if a bit confusing at first, and the unique way it will be used is also a delight. The search for Sleipnir is aided by someone that none of our heroes were expecting, and I won’t reveal that surprise here, except to say I absolutely did not see this coming at all, and loved it.

Morgan’s Fate is a wonderful addition to the True Destiny series, and I look forward to the next adventure form the imagination of Dana Marie Bell. I would recommend that readers enjoy these books in order to gain the best grasp of the dynamics of this world, beginning with Very Much Alive, Eye of the Beholder, Howl for Me and then Morgan’s Fate.

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