More Than Friends by Jess Dee

More Than Friends by Jess Dee
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (91 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Foxglove

He was her best friend until he became her fantasy.

Lucy Lawson’s got it bad. Bad as in stunned speechless by the situation she’s in, by the feelings sitting on her chest, ready to explode. She’s in love with her best friend.

Problem is, telling Sebastian Blackford could destroy the best thing in her life, but the longer she keeps her feelings under wraps, the stronger the need to spill her secret.

The last thing Seb suspects is that his best mate is madly, wildly in love with him, or that he’s the star of her seriously dirty fantasies. Worse, he’s just started seeing someone he’d like to see again and Lucy knows it.

So why does her confession hit him like a runaway train? And why can’t he get her explicit description of her fantasies out of his mind? They’ve never been more than friends, but now that he knows how Lucy feels, everything is out of whack.

Seb figures it’s up to him to get their relationship back on track. He’ll do it too, just as soon as he establishes which track is the right one.

Warning: After reading this, you may just be tempted to jump your best friend. It’s recommended you keep your partner on speed dial or a toy with fresh batteries on standby.

More Than Friends is Jess Dee at her best, with charismatic characters, intriguing twists and turns, and lots of scorching hot sex, especially the action in the bathroom.

Lucy Lawson and Sebastian Blackford have been best friends for six years, ever since Lucy split from Seb’s friend Leo. She has cried on his shoulder over breakups and they have fun together as friends do. So why, after all this time, does Lucy discover she has feelings for Seb, and not those of a friend. She fantasizes about him, hot, sexy fantasies, all starring him. When Lucy can’t keep it to herself another minute, she confesses her feelings to him after one of their movie nights, hoping he feels the same. When Seb tells her that he does indeed love her, just not ‘like that’, Lucy runs away from him, humiliated and hurt. Seb knows what she is going to do; cut him out of her life like he never existed. He’s seen her do it before after breaking up with the men in her life. He is determined she isn’t going to do that; they are friends, after all, and even though Seb has met a woman he thinks he could be serious about, he doesn’t want to lose his best friend in the world. When he tries to confront Lucy about their friendship, she is already building the walls and cutting ties to him, until he hears her details of the most recent fantasy, then his brain shuts down and his libido takes the wheel. After one of the most erotic experiences he has ever experienced, he realizes he needs to take time to untangle his inner turmoil, and Lucy takes it to mean he is cutting ties with her. Can these two discover what love really is beofre they lose it all? Can Seb wake and see that what he wants has been in front him all along? Will Lucy let her walls down long enough to accept what Seb has to give?

I like Lucy and Seb, and their easy going friendship at the heart of this one. This is the ‘friends to lovers’ classic, but with a slight twist of irony to it. There are wonderful, passionate moments, and a few places that brought a tear or two to my eyes. I liked that there were no other characters to interact with Lucy and Seb; yes there is mention of the ‘other woman’ in Seb’s life, but we never actually see her until a brief appearance near the end of the book.

Lucy Lawson is not your average ‘girly girl’. She enjoys spending time with her best buddy, and has spent six years sharing the good times and bad with him. She isn’t sure exactly when her feeling went from best buddy to love, but she can’t keep it to herself anymore. I love Lucy and her open and honest quirkiness I also like that she put herself out there, willing to hope her feelings would be returned. I wasn’t happy with Lucy’s method of dealing with her hurt, retreating and starting to build emotional walls between them.

Sebastian ‘Seb’ Blackford is strong, fun loving and easy going, ready for whatever life throws his way. At least that is what he thought, until the night Lucy turned his whole world upside down with her declaration of love. I enjoyed watching as Seb tried to come to grips with Lucy’s fantasies, while trying, unsuccessfully, to keep his libido in check. I had to laugh as Seb expressed how he felt about Lucy, wondering how he couldn’t see, with everything he said, that he did have feelings, very deep ones, for her.

This is filled with passion and the confusion that comes when two people discover that things have taken a turn for the hot. Jess Dee has a way of taking a simple story of friends who discover they have more than friendship, and taking it to a new level of caring. I liked Seb’s determination to keep Lucy in his life, and watched as he found a way past her walls. These two made me laugh, cry and sigh, and I had the fan on more than once during this one. I will certainly never look at my bathtub in quite the same way again.


  1. Thank you, Foxglove, for taking the time to both read the book and write such a lovely review.

  2. Thank you, Foxglove, for taking the time to not only read the book, but to leave such a lovely review too.

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