Moon of Fire by Aliyah Burke

Moon of Fire by Aliyah Burke
Astral Guardians
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery, Action/Adventure, Contemporary
Length: Full Length (175 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Fuchsia

Sometimes the end is really just the beginning…

Dracen Lloyd is the final Guardian looking for her artifact. Believing she’s a danger to her brethren, she leaves the vineyard to seek solace. What she finds is a man named Lucas Kyle.

Luc isn’t quite sure how he got to where he did or who this woman is who saved him. All he knows is the craving he has for her eclipses everything else. The more time he’s with her, the more he falls. Will he be able to remain in her life, or will circumstances take him from her before he’s ready to let her go?

Dracen Lloyd is the sixth guardian, unlike the others, she has not found her mate nor has she found the artifact she seeks. She feels like out of all the guardians she is their biggest threat, so she leaves them behind to go live and possibly die alone fighting the demons who plague them. What she didn’t expect to find was a human male fighting four demons in the middle of a snow covered forest.

Lucas Kyle had no idea how he came to this place or who the woman was who saved him from those creatures. When he finally woke, he couldn’t remember where he was or how he got there, but he knew that something was different. He also remembered there was a woman, a warrior who fought and had knives that seemed to be part of her body. He also knew that he was drawn to this woman, this warrior with the silver dragon tattoo on her back.

Out of all the six books in the Astral Guardians series, I have to say that I enjoyed this one the most. Dracen Lloyd is fierce, strong, deadly, and she didn’t show fear. However, there was a vulnerability within her that the author brought out which drew you into this character. Lucas Kyle brought that vulnerability out of her which made his character the perfect complement to hers. He was strong as well, never one to be left behind when there was a fight pending. The love that developed between these characters was rich and even though Dracen did not want to admit it, she loved Lucas. I loved how throughout the series the author Aliyah Burke kept her female characters strong, because I never want to read a story with a weak simpering female as the main character. The male characters were just as strong and they stood toe to toe with their mates, especially in battle.

I really loved this story, once you start reading you don’t want to stop. All of the books in this series were good, each one showcasing the different powers and strengths of each guardian. This is a series that should be read from the beginning starting with the first book Keeper of the Stars and ending with Moon fire. That way you can get to know each character and the struggles they went through to find their mates and their artifact. Aliyah Burke has written a strong series that I can see myself reading again.

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