Mitchell’s Run by Amy Gallow

Mitchell’s Run by Amy Gallow
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (220 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed By Daisy

Cynthia Sheldon is a modern young woman. She does not believe in ghosts. When Andrew Mitchell rescues her from a blizzard and shelters her in his mine, she knows there has to be a logical explanation. She finds it in Drew Mitchell, the current owner of Mitchell’s Run. Proving that she wasn’t fooled by any ghostly masquerade seemed quite simple in the beginning. Then her emotions got in the way…

This book demands time to decipher and dwell on its questions, both during and after reading, but the protagonist Cynthia is even more confused than we are. Cynthia has to discern whether Drew and Andrew are the same man, an elaborate hoax thought up for gold, or different men, which would mean she has walked into a ghost story.

The atmosphere of this novel is an intense homage to the wild frontier and the gold digging days where any man could find his treasure and future in the outback. However this fuses with the modern in ways which make this genre new and titillating to read. It’s an adventurous romance with an old time man at dances and horse rides which is picturesque in its scenery and historical through modern gestures, a homage to the old and celebration of the new.

Andrew/Drew and Cynthia are well thought out with a witty repartee continuing between them throughout the novel. They fight to get the advantage of the other and understand them enough they are not five steps behind. Chess has been provided by Gallow as a good metaphor for this process.

These characters never become dull or predictable as the sheer force of their personalities keeps them on the road to the unique and unexpected. There were many times I had to change my mind over Andrew/Drew and his intentions and Cynthia had to change hers along with me. It is a debate of the mind from start to finish.

In addition, Ms. Gallow provides language like ‘awareness advanced and retreated like gentle waves on a beach’ which sets the scene but also feels classic. Much like a later description of Drew’s horse race, a historical scene is paired with a stark, atmospheric visual which draws the reader into the story and binds us with Cynthia and her questions.

Mitchell’s Run is a story I will not forget any time soon. Its visuals and characters whisper on my periphery and the love story seems to endure across the centuries. This is not a novel which stops with the last line. It’s one that continues beyond the horizon and the people of its making.


  1. Thank you Daisy.
    Your review is almost as lyrical as you found the book. I am very pleased you enjoyed it.

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