Midsummer Solstice by J.L. Wells

Midsummer Solstice by J.L. Wells
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (201 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Set amongst the Cornish landscape, rich in myths and legends of the sea; a magical tale of romance, intrigue and love.

When Naida’s mother dies she is forced to escape from London before her stepfather arranges a marriage for her. She arrives at Old Moorstone Farm and stays with the Tregartha family. Concealing her own mysterious secrets, the quiet backwater she hoped would be her refuge, holds sinister tensions.

Ivor Tregartha informs Naida that his wife Marianne is an invalid. Soon Naida realises the woman is far more disturbed than she was led to believe. She appears terrified of her daughter Lowenna.

Naida meets a handsome fisherman who tells her many mystical stories of Cornwall, of the white witch Lilith and the Druid festival of Midsummer eve. She finds she is falling in love.

Eventually her past catches up with her. This compromises her new found friendships and sets in motion a series of consequences, kidnapping, danger and ill fated love.

On her deathbed, Naida’s mother reveals the skeleton in the family closet. After the funeral Naida runs away from her Cypriot stepfather and stepbrother to seek a better life. In Cornwall the Tregartha’s offer her a room and a job and take her into their family circle.

Howard, a family friend, sharpens his wit at Naida’s expense turning her into a spitting tiger. The Tregartha’s also consider Howard to be one of the family, but their daughter Lowenna has a teenage crush on the older man and jealousy rears its ugly head.

The strain of the hot summer and the tension within the Tregartha family bring many different emotions to the surface. Naida’s nerves are stretched even further when her stepbrother appears to drag her home. Her Cypriot stepfather has arranged a marriage for her with his elderly friend. In his world the father has the final say to the disposal of his daughter and Naida wonders how she can escape. Must she continue running forever?

When younger I used to love the hazy, lazy days of summer filled with sunshine and not a lot to do. This book brought back those memories. Naida wanders through the summer not knowing what the next day will bring. Every time she thinks she has her thoughts straight, another problem rears its head. Midsummer Solstice has a little bit of mystery, a tiny (very tiny) bit of violence, fear, jealousy and love. Good mixture and a lovely read. Not a startling book or one full of excitement, but that’s probably because I kept thinking of those long lost sunny days. I enjoyed reading about this small corner of England and the people who live there.

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