Midnight Silence by D. McEntire


Midnight Silence by D. McEntire
The Watchers, Book 7
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (267 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Peppermint

Her parents and sister murdered, LeeAnn, who was born deaf, finds herself under the guardianship of her thieving step-uncle, William. Jacob was too late to save LeeAnn’s family from rogue vampires, but can he save her from William… and himself?

Following the death of her parents and younger sister at the hands of a group of fanged, red-eyed monsters, LeeAnn was forced to live with her step-uncle, William, and his not-so-friendly mother.

Jacob watched over LeeAnn since finding her the night of her family’s murder by rogue vampires. He’d failed his job as Watcher and hadn’t been able to save her family.

The discovery of her step-uncle’s theft of her inheritance sends LeeAnn into flight to a world where the fanged creatures aren’t the only monsters she needs to fear.

Jacob breaks his vow to keep LeeAnn out of his world hunting bloodthirsty Rogues when he rescues her from William, but can he uphold his vow to keep her safe?

With complex, riveting characters and a dynamic plotline this story was mesmerizing. LeeAnna’s background story especially made the story intriguing. She has had to cope without her sense of hearing as well as dealing with the murder of her family at such a young age. Her sweet, innocent demeanor after this grave loss left her vulnerable to others, including other family.

Jacob had been protecting LeeAnn for longer than she realized. He spent most of his life protecting humans from the vampires that prey on them in the night, so protecting one more didn’t seem like a big deal. It shows how strong Jacob’s sense of honor and compassion is for people who don’t even know he exists. It was clear to me that Jacob held his honor above everything including himself. Even the way he interacted with the other watchers enforced this belief. It definitely warmed my heart to see the way he took LeeAnn under his wing when it was clear so had no one else to turn too. I was happy to see that they found one another because they both seemed to fill a void the other had without even realizing it themselves.

Williams, LeeAnn’s uncle really knows how to bite off more than he can chew.  Like many other misguided individuals, only his wants and needs matter. This is particularly displayed not only in the way he treats LeeAnn, but also his own mother. I was hoping he would get exactly what he deserves by the end of the story, but I have a feeling I have not seen the last of him.

I have been a long time fan of the Watcher Series. I have to say that this is one of my two favorite stories within the series. I think the author really found a way to strengthen the characters and heighten the tension in the plot by adding some really exciting reveals and twists. I would highly recommend this story to anyone who is looking for a great paranormal story to read, whether they are familiar with the series or not, but cause anyone can enjoy the incomparable story.


  1. This author,is very good and this is one of her best books but then I say that about each one that I read. Well worth buying. And I definitely vote for her.

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