Miami Sizzle by Sara York

Miami Sizzle by Sara York
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (48 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Clover

Hot men, sun, and sand… He’d be living the good life at Miami Beach if he wasn’t cursed…

Landing a dream job—personal assistant to the hottest celebrity in the South—in a dream city—Miami Beach—should put Chuck Pinkerton on the road to the good life, but Chuck is convinced he’s cursed. When the latest catastrophe happens and his apartment burns down, he’s left homeless.

When his oven explodes out of his apartment window, landing on Chuck’s car, Chuck knows it’s no use fighting the curse any longer. He’s ready to give up until Garner Miller reaches out and snatches him out of his misery, giving Chuck something to hope for.

Garner’s all about helping others—as a fireman, he’s been pulled into some strange situations—but getting to know a hot guy who thinks he’s cursed is more of a challenge than he expects it to be. He’s ready to step up to the plate, but first he has to convince Chuck he’s not a threat to Garner’s safety.

Sometimes you have to open your eyes to realize a curse is actually a blessing.

Chuck Pinkerton is living the high life – he’s in Miami and his dream job has just landed in his lap – so why won’t the damn curse that’s caused a string of mishaps leave him alone?

What won’t leave him alone is Garner Miller and the mutual attraction they have for one another. Fate keeps throwing them together, spectacularly, and the consequences are hotter than the fires Garner has to tackle in his day job as a fireman. Fireman! Oh, yeah, always a sign of a good book when there’s a fireman in the mix!

Both characters are very likeable in this nicely written m/m story. They have good exchanges, the dialogue snappy and realistic. I liked the humor that was laced throughout, Garner’s particularly when he suggests the cure for this Scottish curse stalking Chuck – “stand naked by the ocean in the moonlight drinking special tea.” – While I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not, the outcome was fun!

Ms York writes steamy male love in a way that pulls all the necessary emotions into the story, weaving a nice tale that makes you feel invested in the characters as soon as you get to know them. It’s good to see ups and downs and a resolution, even better to be a fly on the wall watching them celebrate that resolution – though I’m glad they opted not to indulge on the beach – oh, that sand would have chaffed!

If you enjoy m/m, like modern characters and a tale that won’t bog you down with doom and gloom and heavy issues, then Miami Sizzle is a story that stays true to it’s sizzling title and will let you escape into Chuck and Garner’s world for a little bit of fun. I’d read more from this author and would enjoy something longer. The voice is clear and concise and the plot flows effortless, taking a reader on an easy journey of romance and sex, leaving me, for sure, with a feeling that the two characters had a future together – always a great way to finish a book.

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