Meeting the Master by Elissa Wald

Meeting the Master by Elissa Wald
Publisher: Constable & Robinson Ltd.
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (106 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, M/F/F, F/F, M/M, F/M/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Forced Seduction, Fetish, Toys, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Thistledown

In Wald’s darkly erotic stories, characters enact the intricate and subtle ways that dominance and submission play a role in their daily lives: a young girl dreams of submitting to a boy who’s not interested in controlling her, an ex-convict is so accustomed to serving his cellmate that he cannot adjust to the outside world, a professional dominatrix is beaten at her own game by a psychiatrist, and a student lies his way into the home of an army recruiter in order to become his houseboy.

Meeting the Master is a provocative exploration of the pleasures and rituals of dominance and submission.

There are books that seduce you by the first chapter. This book claimed my heart on the first page.

There are twenty three poems and short stories that take eroticism and throw it to the winds, letting it fall wherever it may. These short pieces and pearls of poetry take in gay, straight, lesbian and everything in between and craft moving tales and thoughts that both arouse and make you think about what you are reading. To me, it was a love story; a gift to the reader that appreciates fine writing and not your typical episodes of BDSM.

The short works of fiction in this collection blew my mind. They are windows into worlds that some of us never imagine we could be a part of. Isn’t that the true gift of reading, or writing for that matter? The ability to read something and go somewhere far, far away from the screaming kids, the endless day at work, or doing the supper dishes. As an author, the greatest joy I have is in writing something that invokes that feeling, and Elissa Wald did just that. This book was one of the most engaging reads I have read in quite awhile. Think brilliant primary colors. Think carnival lights and swarthy men with tattoos. Think sex.

From the first story, The Initiation, where we meet Delilah, a budding submissive who struggles with the demons inside her, to the sexy Kim who isn’t quite sure what to make of Delilah’s fixation on pain. This story was gripping and visceral and I couldn’t put the book down, even to sleep. The second story installment is Ruby and the Bull. This is the story of Ruby and Judd. She calls him the Bull, and as the story unwinds, he has found her diary and is about to get a nasty shock when he reads it. Spicy, raw and undulating, this tale is gritty and on edge.

The third story in the collection is The Resolution. Full of the glitz and fading glitter of the big top, we meet Lottie, a runaway and Jorge, an outcast in the circus. Teased mercilessly for his gay status, Jorge is bitter and standoffish. When Lottie unknowingly insults him, it starts a winding path down a love that will last a lifetime. This story will bring tears to your eyes and a breath of longing to your heart.

Story number four, The Houseboy, is a major head trip and one that had me thinking about it even when I wasn’t reading it. Troy is a boy lost in a sea of high schoolers lost in the fray of his life. When the Sergeant comes to speak, he finds a role model and a curious object of affection. Writing letters and insinuating himself into the Sergeant’s life, lies and betrayals can unravel even the deepest of dreams.

Number five, Missing the Boat, is a ménage scenario that brings many elements to the scene. Dominance, submission and more entertain in this soul deep take on friendship and fascination when the tables get turned and lines begin to blur.

The sixth story, Turned Out, is a beautiful story about hope growing up from a bed of concrete. Nelson has just gotten out of prison and while he is happy, his senses are on overload. He misses the routine and security of the life inside and the domineering partnership he shared with The Axe, the male dominant he subbed to inside. This piece walks you through deep feelings and longings of the heart.

The last story, The Illustrating Man, is one that will stick in your mind long after you have read it. Sexy and as intricate as a well done tattoo, this story takes off when a female reporter finds out a childhood savior is wanted for murder. In a beautifully wound tale, the author shows you people that were affected by the artist’s insight and unique method of tattooing. It is sensual and one that scratches down into the deepest part of you and leaves a mark.

The poetry in this collection is also inspiring, spiritual and evocative.

If you are looking for a book that takes you into the souls of many unique and worthy characters, then you need to read this collection. Rich, lush and full of vibrant eroticism, this book is a keeper on my favorite shelf. You won’t forget any of the characters and how easily this author can slip into the minds of anyone and walk a mile in their shoes. The erotic portions are done very well and titillate the mind as well as the body.

For a collection that will have you dreaming carnival dreams of tattooed men, ladies that lust and of heartfelt loves that like life, do not always have a sparkling happily ever after, then you need to read this book.

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