Medicine Man I: The Chief of All Time by SR Howen

Medicine Man Cover
Medicine Man I: The Chief of All Time by SR Howen
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full (219 pgs)
Heat: Spicy
Rated: 3.5 stars
Review by Poppy

Shannon Running Deer is American Indian by blood, but he has forsaken his people’s ancient ways to embrace the “modern” world as a wealthy, highly successful trauma surgeon.

His comfortable existence begins to unravel when, seemingly by chance, Shannon finds himself gradually drawn into the past. Pursued by an ancient evil, he knows he can change the future, if he can survive the past.

In the tradition of Diana Gabaldon, S.R. Howen’s MEDICINE MAN is a distinctive and atmospheric novel full of spirituality, mystical time travel, romance, passion, and suspense.

Depth of character and a complex plot make this book an intriguing read.

I enjoyed watching as Shannon Running Deer is pushed outside his comfort zone. He’s a practical man, a trauma surgeon, with a strong foundation in logic … until things most illogical begin to happen to him. He reacts as most of us would, and I appreciated that he didn’t respond without motivation. It made him a character I could enjoy and identify with.

The author’s way with words made some of this book nearly lyrical. I enjoyed her description and clear characterization. Her book was populated with real people, clear and believable. Good characters keep me reading, even when the plot slows.

This book has a little something for everyone: romance, mystery, paranormal and mystical aspects and more. While I wasn’t mad about the heroine, at least not at first, and sometimes found myself confused as to what was real and what wasn’t, I still enjoyed reading. This isn’t your typical book…it’s a little bit “more” and the depth was intriguing.

If you’re looking for a well-written book with ancient mysticism mixed with current times, peppered with visions and romance, I’d suggest Medicine Man I: The Chief of All Time. Ms. Howen has done a very good job with this one, and I’ll happily select the next volume in the series to read.


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