May by Alicia Stone

May by Alicia Stone
Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (73 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Marielle, single, restless and thirty-something is looking for a man. Can love compete with Fate? The problem is the man she desperately wants and needs is not interested in her. He was once, but ten years ago she threw away their chance of happiness. Together again, Marielle and Peter discover how they have both changed and how much they have in common. Their attraction for each other is intensified, but can their love be rekindled? Can they risk everything for love? Affairs of the heart prove to be no match for the darker powers of Fate as Marielle’s very survival hangs in the balance.

Marielle is taking a rare day off work. Giving herself a treat, she goes to London to visit a gallery and enjoy herself. While waiting for coffee she bumped into Peter – her ex from university and the man with whom she’d left her much younger, more innocent self’s heart. Can they really pick up where they so bitterly left off? Could they both get a second chance?

This is an interesting, sweet style of story. While I was a little surprised at how quickly Peter and Marielle became intimate once more, the author did an excellent job of reminding me, the reader, that Peter and Marielle were far from strangers. I found the lovemaking scenes tasteful and spicy. I think they were detailed enough to make a reader blush but not explicit enough to be a turn off. Most of the story revolved around Peter and Marielle as they try to find common ground after parting as young adults on bad terms. A part of me found much of the plot clichéd – their unwillingness to communicate and the repercussions of their time together – but I have to admit it added a good amount of conflict and tension between them. While I might have wished Peter and Marielle particularly had acted more maturely, it was interesting watching them take the usual “two steps forward one step back” that a rocky, difficult relationship so often shows.

This is a lovely, emotional story I feel will resonate with many readers. Marielle and Peter love each other deeply but have a number of obstacles to overcome first. While there are miscommunications and difficulties, these tensions only serve to make their happiness even more joyful. While sensually spicy I think the love scenes are tastefully and carefully written to still appeal to most readers and can be thoroughly enjoyed. A heart-warming story I can see myself reading again.

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