Married for the Boss’s Baby by Susan Carlisle

Married for the Boss’s Baby by Susan Carlisle
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (190 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

An unexpected baby…

When successful surgeon Grant Smythe’s baby half sister is orphaned, Grant is determined to be there for little Lily—unlike his own father.

A convenient proposal…

But a challenge for custody means Grant needs a wife, too! New nanny Sara Marcum is the ideal candidate…

A wife forever?

It might be temporary, but soon warmhearted Sara completes more than just Grant’s family. Can he convince his bride-for-now to become his forever wife?

Fans of the ‘nanny and the boss’ romance trope should give Married for the Boss’s Baby a try because it’s fun and a delightful example of why this theme is so popular. It was a pleasure to read.

Grant, the hero, was in a pickle when I first met him. The poor guy was stressed to the max because he had a liver to deliver via surgery but he couldn’t leave his baby sister but he had to get to the hospital but the nanny was late and his sister, Lily, was fussy and he had no idea what to do! Get the picture? The hero needed an intervention. Thing is, there’s more going on with Grant than being the sudden caregiver to a baby sister. It’s why I liked him as a character; the hero had depth and a humanity about him that appealed to me.

Enter Sara, a woman who has a heart of gold but no financial wealth to speak of. A reader can easily recognize a heroine with a lot of love to give because of how she treats her dad, and how baby Lily quickly accepts her. Sara also has some issues to deal with but they are actually honorable and notable; they have also emotionally traumatized her. Now, she’s afraid to take a chance on feeling affection for anyone. It’s rather sad, and an effective reason for a reader to care for and feel sympathy for, the heroine.

The reason Grant and Sara joined forces is a typical romance book reason but it worked for me. I enjoyed how Ms. Carlisle had her characters navigate their attraction. I also liked the scenes that showcased their medical professionalism in moments of crisis. Some of the items Sara gave Grant during one of those dramatic moments made me giggle because it was so unexpected. They really did make a great team.

I was so happy when Grant finally made a move on Sarah. There was a lot of smoldering early on and they both tried to fight it, but as with all fun romance novels, their capitulation was inevitable. Their loving moments were well written, effective and contributed to their growing relationship; they were mildly spicy.

The reason for their decision and urgency finally arrived but the author sort of glossed over it in favor of showing its effect on both Grant and Sara. It caused a predictable rockiness to the romance but no less effective in getting them where they emotionally needed to be. I actually liked how the author wrote it.

Married for the Boss’s Baby was a fun read. I devoured the story in one sitting and enjoyed every minute of it. I have no problem recommending this book to romance readers. It’s thoroughly engaging.

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