Marriage or Ruin for the Heiress by Lauri Robinson

Marriage or Ruin for the Heiress by Lauri Robinson
Publisher: Harlequin
Genre: Historical, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

A pretend marriage. A passion that’s anything but…

The great depression has left heiress Jolie Cramer’s family destitute! To save them, Jolie must abandon her dreams of independence and marry wealthy Randal Osterlund. Thank goodness Randal only wants a wife to secure a business deal and shares her feelings about love—nothing but heartache! Jolie quickly realizes that’s not all they have in common, but falling for her charismatic husband wasn’t part of their agreement…

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It’s been a long time since I’ve read a Lauri Robinson book. I came across Marriage or Ruin for the Heiress and decided I’d give it a try. This was a great escape to destress during the holidays or any other hectic time.

The hero, Randal, was a respectful, intelligent, and kind man with past hurts to overcome. The heroine, Jolie, was brave, smart, caring and who also dealing with past hurts to overcome. Together they were the medicine they each needed to heal the past and live for the future.

This was a sweet romance that got a bit sensual near the end which made for the perfect happy ending. Perfect little book glow.

I enjoyed how the story started I have to say that I loved how the story ended much more. That sounds funny but this book is book one in the series, The Osterlund Saga and the ending in Marriage or Ruin for the Heiress has made me want to read book two immediately.

If you are looking for a fun quick read, then I recommend reading Marriage or Ruin for the Heiress. There is more to the plot than the synopsis shares which is a pleasant surprise. I am sure happy that I picked up this book. I encourage other readers to try it out too.

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