Mark of the Dragon by Astrid Novak

Mark of the Dragon by Astrid Novak
Dragon Born Book 1
Publisher: Lycaon Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Young Adult
Length: Short Story (131 pages)
Age Recommendation: 16+
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

A war is coming and shifter Eden is locked in the middle between her brother Max, and lone shifter, Kellen. Is blood thicker than love?

Eden never fit into the shape shifting community. An outcast among the Snow Leopard Leap her father rules, she dreads her first shift. On her eighteenth birthday, her transformation goes horribly wrong and secrets are unveiled. Forced to accept who she is in order to fight for her beliefs, Eden’s losing the battle to do what’s right when she meets Kellen.

Kellen is a tech savvy shifter who holds allegiance to no pack. Orphaned in his youth, he walks the line between the warring shifters, taking jobs for whoever pays him. When he meets Eden, everything changes, but the secrets he carries may destroy them.

Eden and her twin live in the shape shifters community on Earth. Max is happy to fall in with their father’s plans to make the first change at the age of eighteen. Eden feels something is not quite right and is reluctant to change. Is it because she will then be expected to mate? She is also curious to know why her mother left them when they were young.

With the help or her best friend Renee and the dangerous but charismatic Kellen Murphy, Eden sets out to resolve her doubts and unravel the mysteries.

The plots and twists in this book made it a very enjoyable read and kept me entertained until the last page. I could see the sparks flying between the characters Eden and Kellen, both anger and attraction. When the two were together the tension revved up to high power, but when distance separated them Eden became a shadow of the woman Kellen knew.

Could Eden’s twin betray her and take a stand with their father? Eden has always been able to count on Max but when they reach their eighteenth birthday, her brother appears to be working to a different agenda.

One thing that confused me was the difference between the Snow Panther Leap and the Norms. At first I thought the Norms were ordinary humans but as the story progressed it appears they are also shape shifters but I couldn’t clarify the difference between the Norms and the Snow Panther Leap. I wonder if this was intentional, but if so it softened the impact of the story by not defining how the difference affected both sides.

As the series progresses I believe it will get stronger and stronger. On the whole this is a good paranormal book and I will be looking out for the second in the series.

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