Manhattan Sweetheart by Jay Fingers

Manhattan Sweetheart by Jay Fingers
Publisher: JFXXXVI Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (165 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Nymphaea

Meet Persephone Love. She’s beautiful, smart, talented, stylish, and popular. In a word: perfect. Persephone’s got a bright future ahead of her and the world at her fingertips—and she knows it. And Bash Hart is in love with her.

In fact, he’s been in love with Persephone since they first met. Bash knows she’s out of his league, but that isn’t going to stop him from trying his best to win her heart. The two share a special connection—Bash can feel it—and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make her see that he is the man for her. And when true natures are revealed and dark secrets come to light, Bash is even more determined to win Persephone’s affections.

Funny, romantic, intriguing, and highly entertaining, MANHATTAN SWEETHEART finds author Jay Fingers in top form as he delivers yet another witty, insightful, and playfully observant look at the beautiful people of New York City.

She’s a sweetheart, but she’s not what she seems.

This is definitely a look at the beautiful people of New York. There were times I felt like I was right there in the action. I wanted to see those parties and feel like I had gone along with the characters.  The author does a great job with his descriptions.  This isn’t a big book and reads rather quickly. It’s written in a snappy manner, so it’s easy to follow–for the most part. I had to reread a few parts, but nothing enough to deter me from continuing.

Persephone did annoy me at times. The woman is pretty much perfect and I had a hard time relating to her. I wanted her to have some faults, but I understood why she wasn’t going to show them.

The writing is snappy, like I said. Once I started the book, I read it in one sitting.  If you want a glimpse into the beautiful life, then this might be the book for you.

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