Made For Us by Samantha Chase

Made For Us by Samantha Chase
Publisher: Sourcebook Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (334 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

The Shaughnessy brothers—Aiden in particular—have spent the years since their mother’s untimely death taking care of each other and trying to make their father proud. And Aiden has managed pretty well so far. But his father is starting to worry he’s neglected himself. At the age of thirty-four, he is successful and handsome, and he still has no grandchildren!

Aiden’s met plenty of attractive women over the years, but who has the time? It isn’t until he meets Zoe, a designer on one of his jobs, that he starts realizing he wants something more…

Who knew that being detailed to the point of obsession would be a turn on for a hero? It helps that he’s a control nut too but to find a woman who ‘got’ him was something the hero, Aiden, simply wasn’t ready for. Zoe blind-sided him and it was beautiful. Poor Aiden, he simply didn’t know how to let go and let someone else who wasn’t family, in. His body sure knew what to do; it just took a while for his brain to catch up. The wild winds of change challenged the hero and made this novel an easy and fun read.

I’d say that Aiden is the character with the most challenges to overcome and they’re all in his head. The family history and dynamic was fascinating. It was the history of the Shaughnessy family that helped me understand what shaped the man that Aiden has become. There’s a lot to respect about the hero and he earns every accolade given. However, he has earned other less than flattering monikers from the townspeople and I was greatly entertained. I liked that aspect of this book – that the community loves the whole Shaughnessy clan, yet they certainly aren’t blind to some of the eccentricities of some of them and that certainly applies to Aiden. There’s no doubt they are cheering for him to fall in love and Zoe is the perfect choice.

I liked Zoe because she doesn’t take any guff from the hero. She puzzles him, confounds him and inflames him, all by just being herself. I liked how she fit in with the Shaughnessy family and her dialogue and actions reflected that.

Aiden sort of runs from his feelings and avid romance readers will recognize that ploy, yet it works in this book. He has this huge chip of responsibility on his shoulders that he’s afraid to let go of. Zoe has no problem with stepping up to the plate and knocking it right off. The internal conflict that results from that is predictable but no less effective and entertaining.

The story includes some heroic acts, blossoming friendships, and a temporary canine that played a role in making the hero imagine a different kind of future, one with his own family. Only the power of the flower will know for sure. I realize that last statement was enigmatic, but it’s a powerful component of the romance.

I liked the family dynamics, the secondary characters, the dialogue and the romance. For the most part, this is a lighthearted story and it’s filled with sweetness, humor and heartfelt emotion. Made For Us is a classically styled romance that is a winner and a definite recommend.


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