Love Thy Neighbor’s Nephew by Stephanie Williams

Love Thy Neighbor’s Nephew by Stephanie Williams
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (107 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fuchsia

Yolanda Paterson found the perfect man. He’s kind, helpful, smart, and sexier than any Playgirl cover model. He does things to her body that should be considered illegal in some states. What more could a woman need, right? There’s just a couple of problems. One, he’s a younger man, and two—and this is a big one—he’s her best friend’s nephew.

Having completed a teaching internship at Yale, Lawrence returns home. It’s great to see his Aunt Lizzy and Uncle Hank. It’s amazing to see Yolanda Paterson. He’d had the typical neighborhood boy crush on her. But now, he’s a grown man with needs…and he needs his aunt’s best friend.

Yolanda remembered Lawrence as the kid who would fix things around her house, and how he looked as he walked across the stage at his high school graduation. So why is it that she now see him as a potential love interest? Was it wrong of her to look at her best friend’s nephew and think the things she did, and did she have the right to want him as badly as she wanted him?

Lawrence was a graduate of Yale and had taught for a few years before deciding to return home. His main focus was not only to see his family but to get reacquainted with Yolanda, his aunt’s next door neighbor. He was now a thirty year old man and even though Yolanda was forty-three he was determined to make her see him as the man he is and not the kid he was.

Love Thy Neighbor’s Nephew is a delightful story of a woman who wanted a younger man but was afraid to act on it simply because she did not want to ruin the friendship she had with his aunt. It was enjoyable to see how the main character Yolanda struggled internally with her desires, fighting them at times but ended up acting on them anyway. The characters of Yolanda and Lawrence as well as Liz and Hank were well rounded, and the friendship between Liz and Yolanda helped to give more body to the story. The author helped you to see the struggle Yolanda had while trying to decide if being with Lawrence was worth the loss of a friendship, and if age would really factor in which is something you as the reader could relate to.

Author Stephanie Williams kept the story light with a bit of humor thrown in, but still managed to give you pause for thought. Is it wrong for an older woman to pursue a younger man especially if you’re friends with their family? Love Thy Neighbor’s Nephew is an enjoyable read and I look forward to reading more of this author’s work.

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