Love On A Midsummer Night by Christy English

Love On A Midsummer Night by Christy English
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical
Length: Full Length (312 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Peppermint

How to Avoid an Unwanted Marriage:

1. Track down his first love
2. Slap his face when he propositions you to become his mistress
3. Flee the countryside with aforementioned scoundrel
4. Join a traveling troupe of Shakespearean actors
5. Don’t fall under the enchantment of a magical midsummer moon…

To escape the scheming, pawing clutches of her late husband’s nephew, Arabella Darlington turns to Raymond Olivier, the only man she ever loved, for help. But the sweet Raymond she knew as a girl is now the dissolute Earl of Pembroke—the most notorious rake in London.

When the situation turns deadly, Arabella and Raymond are forced to hide in the country. As she finds herself succumbing to Raymond’s puckish charm, Arabella starts formulating a new plan: how to persuade a rake to propose.

I could not put this book down with its enchanting characters, diabolical plots, and just all around great entertainment.

Raymond is a charming devil who can woo any woman. There is just something about the way he carries himself that causes women to follow him around like puppy dogs looking for a home. Every women but Arabella, that is, so it is only natural that she is the only woman that he craves. I’ve always been a sucker for a strong, arrogant, take charge kind of man and Raymond is all of this and more, and I just could not get enough of him.

With all of Raymond’s endearing (and not so endearing) qualities he still did not outshine Arabella. While reading this story I could not help but think that Arabella is a modern woman stuck in a historical time. While she may seem a bit shy and timid to an outsider it is clearly not the case once one gets to know her. She has spent her whole life walking on eggshells around men and she will no longer put up with it. So she finds an inner strength that she did not realize she had and declares her independence no matter the cost. As a female who also sees herself as independent I appreciated this declaration and rooted for her to find her independence, while not letting it blind her to the opportunities that have presented themselves or always existed.

The author created some intricate plot lines that really drove this story from beginning to end. The conflict  is a driving force behind the story as well as the love interest, and other sub plot that either help or hinder Arabella and Raymond keep the pages turning. The plot and the dynamic characters really seem to enhance one another and created one spectacular story. Even before I finished the story I was asking myself when I would be able to read it again. I even referred the book to others before getting to the last page. The author definitely has a winner with this story, and I would highly recommend you get it today.

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