Love Match by Regina Carlysle

Love Match by Regina Carlysle
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (45 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Dogwood

Attending her college reunion is just the tonic Chloe Wells needs to bring a little spark to her life, but she never anticipated the pure, unadulterated, panty-drenching lust she experiences when bumping into the man she loved back in the day. Talk about fireworks! Talk about sizzle! She loved him once and he walked away. Her analytical mind says no to taking another chance, but her sex-starved body says yes, yes, yes!

The moment former tennis star Michael “Ace” Banner sees sweet, sexy Chloe again, he’s ready to serve up a weekend of hot sex and wicked seduction. His greatest regret was leaving her all those years ago, but now he’s ready to play for keeps. A rematch? Hell yeah. Winning is within reach—and the trophy is Chloe’s heart.

This is definitely not the first book by Ms. Carlysle that I have reviewed. Why? Quite simply because she is one of my favorite writers!

Regina Carlysle continues to amaze me with her imaginative tales and entertaining reads. Even the short tales that she spins are full of combustible sizzle and fun romance.  Ms. Carlysle will continue to reign as one of the number one “romance writing queens” where my kingdom of books reside.

Chloe Wells, widowed for two years is a single mother now. She decides to take some time for herself by attending her ten year college reunion and catching up with old friends. She finds her heart in a flutter however when one of those old friends turns out to be her ex-boyfriend and ex-tennis star Michael “Ace” Banner.

Sexy Ace is so thrilled that Chloe decided to come to the reunion. Not a day has gone by that he has not regretted choosing a career over her. Seeing her again only makes him more determined to sweep her off of her feet. The chemistry is still there, but can these two soul-mates find away to make it work after all this time?

One of my favorite type of romance stories are the ones where long-lost loves are finally reunited. This book definitely did not disappoint me!  I can honestly say that I will hold this story in my favorites folder as a “return to and re-read” when I need a quick reminder that love can be rediscovered.

I love the way that Ms Carlysle lays out the characters of her books. I got the full picture of the main love interest personalities by her wonderfully worded, detailed descriptions.

We have the hunky, tall and handsome ex-tennis star who is sweet and hot and still in love with Chloe. I fell in love with Ace right away because I could feel the chemistry described in this book right off the bat.

And then we have sweet Chloe who has faced some tough obstacles in life.  As a widowed, single mom with the insecurities one faces making their life all about their children, she finally takes a little time for herself to connect with old friends. She is strong yet vulnerable and I could not help but pull for her “happily-ever-after” from the very beginning of this tale.

This story flowed effortlessly and I found myself smiling throughout the book. If you are searching for a good story to warm the heart and stir the libido then I think this might just might be a story that you would enjoy as much as I did.


  1. Regina is a master of character development! Her stories, long and short, are frequent re-reads for me.

  2. Lana Galindo says:

    Anything written by Regina is amazing. Makes you exci ted to read her next release.

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