Love By Accident by LM Spangler

Love By Accident by LM Spangler
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (48 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

She wasn’t looking for love, but sometimes fate has a mind of its own…

Newly divorced Haven DeGrace had no intention of finding a new man, but an accident on a snowy road changed that.
Ford Mahoney had been her saving grace after her accident. After agreeing to meet for drinks upon his return from a west coast book tour, sparks flew. But, she had plans for her life and he wasn’t part of them.
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Ford Mahoney watched the first woman who’d ever gotten under his skin walk out of his life. A chance meeting in the vacation beach town she’d moved to brings them back together. Sparks fly again and love flares to life.

Will they act on their mutual feelings or will they walk out of each other’s lives? Again?

After ten years of being in an emotionally abusive marriage, Haven finally manages to go through with a divorce. On the day she gets her papers, she’s hurt in a car accident – but she also meets Ford, who used to be a first responder and now is a novelist. Both Haven and Ford have baggage from their past and neither are keen to jump into a new relationship, but sometimes people can’t control their heart.

Relax back with a drink and enjoy this fun and sexy short story. While I struggled a little with the slightly unrealistic plotline, I enjoyed both Haven and Ford’s characters enough I continued to read and genuinely enjoyed the story. Personally, I found it difficult to believe that on the day her divorce was finalized that Haven would both have a car accident and be rescued by a handsome, single, interested commitment-shy ex-fireman. Then even further to this, while Haven can’t visually see Ford due to her injuries, they continue to speak and meet up for a few weeks, and even continue their communications while he is on a book tour for the next few months. With Ford’s commitment issues and Haven being the epitome of on the rebound from an abusive relationship their romantic connection just never really gelled for me.

That said, the author did an amazing job of writing both Haven and Ford in such an interesting, vibrant and relatable manner that I just couldn’t help but continue to read on. Even while my logic and reason was dubious, I have to admit I enjoyed reading about Haven and Ford. I wanted to see how they’d connect back up again after Ford returned from his book tour and I really wanted to see how they’d mesh together and overcome their problems together.

Although a lot of their resolutions come fairly quickly and without a lot of explanation, I did enjoy seeing Ford and Haven interact together and try to build their relationship into something more solid that could grow and flourish over time. I cared about them both and was eager to see how they could work together. I strongly feel that the author did an amazing job writing this and I was hooked. The sex between Haven and Ford was steamy and explicit – this isn’t the sort of story you share with your mother – and readers looking for some hot and heavy action should find it quite satisfying.

With interesting characters and some steamy sex this is a fun short story. I’d recommend readers disconnect their brain, relax back and just enjoy the ride.

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