Lost In You by Lauren Dane


Lost In You by Lauren Dane
Publisher: Samhain
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (162 pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Tulip

He’s faced down every demon…except one fast-talking Southern girl.

Petal, Georgia, Book 2

It hasn’t been easy for Joe Harris to live down his not-so-honorable past, but the military made him a better man. He’s determined to make up for past mistakes, starting with coming home to care for his ailing father.

Things are going as planned until his best friend’s little sister comes barreling into his life. Funny, quick talking, smart, beautiful, she’s a temptation he tries—and fails—to resist.

When Beth Murphy hears Joe is back in town, she makes sure she’s the first on his welcoming committee. Though he tries to pretend he’s gruff and unworthy of her, she sees the man who spoils his dog, who touches her like she’s precious. Cherished. But there’s one wall she can’t break down—the truth about what’s happening at home.

On the night the nature of his father’s illness becomes painfully, publicly apparent, Joe does the right thing—push Beth as far away as possible. But if he thought she’d go away quietly, he’s about to learn she’s made of sterner stuff.

Lauren Dane takes the readers back to the town of Petal, for a visit with the rowdy Murphy clan, in this sexy and entertaining story.

Joe Harris came back to his hometown to be a good son and help take care of his father. He’s changed a lot since his bad boy past. Then, sassy Beth Murphy sets her sights on the sexy mechanic. Joe tries to push her away at first. He’s got some reservations about getting involved in a relationship right now. Beth is his best friend’s little sister and that makes her off limits. And Joe knows that his dad’s health is declining fast, he knows he should keep his attention on his family. But a sexy and willing woman is hard to resist. Eventually, Joe gives in and they start burning up the sheets. But Beth is falling hard while Joe is still keeping a distance between them. Beth is stubborn and stays on his scent like a hound dog on the hunt, then just as they are getting closer, Joes private pain becomes public in a very big way. Ashamed and hurting, Joe breaks Beth’s heart when he calls things off for good. But hey, those Southern gals don’t go down easy, and Beth turns the heat up full blast. Still, a girl can only take so much rejection, and Ms. Dane had me wanting to smack Joe around some for being so darn obstinate.

Lauren Dane rocked this story like the pro that she is. As usual, she made me fall in love with her wonderful characters. She has created such endearing characters in the Murphy family and I can easily relate to them. That sense of family that she injects into her books is what gives me the warm and fuzzy feelings when I read one of them. I love all of her books, and this one is no different. It is an exceptionally compelling read, that drew me right into the story and too soon I reached the end.

Bottom line: I loved it! A very touching and romantic story.

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