Lord Love a Duke by Renee Reynolds

Lord Love a Duke by Renee Reynolds
The Lords of Oxford Book One
Publisher: Rock Creek Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (326 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

Jonas Leighton, Duke of Dorset, needs to find a husband for his spirited sister before she drives him insane. He hastily organizes a house party with a guest list that includes a wide-range of potential suitors, but unfortunately for the duke, his sister, Lady Miranda, has no desire to enter a union yet. Instead, her agenda for the dreaded party calls for the help of her closest friend, Lady Juliet Quinn, to thwart and confound her brother’s plans by orchestrating a series of pranks meant to humiliate and confound him . . . if only he would cooperate and be the victim.

Someone at the house party is in a marriage-minded way, despite his best intentions otherwise: the duke himself. He has secretly admired Lady Juliet for several years now, but she is off limits in many ways; not only is she friend to Miranda, she is also the sister of his close friend, Charles Quinn, Earl of Bristol. Perhaps the biggest obstacle is the tiny problem that Lady Juliet has vowed to avoid marriage, wanting no part of the typical unions of their set based on convenience, money, or titles and lands.

With nothing at the party going according to anyone’s carefully laid plans, and most of the guests participating in their own plots and schemes, the final prank yields even more surprises. Whatever is a duke to do?

Lord Love a Duke is the first book in the Regency-based Lords of Oxford series, stories about the lives and loves of a group of five peers of the realm who met at university and formed a fast and lasting friendship.

A silly prank will have some serious consequences.

Jonas only wants what is best for his sister and to him that means seeing her happily married, but she has other plans that don’t include marriage, at least not yet. I thought Miranda’s logic was flawed. Miranda wants Jonas to stop interfering with her life and let her make her own decisions. Instead of sitting down and talking with him like an adult, she decides to play all sorts of childish and humiliating pranks on him. I found it very surprising that Juliet would agree to help Miranda. Juliet is a much more serious woman than Miranda. Rather than going along with Miranda’s schemes, I would have thought she would have tried to talk her friend out of them. However, I will say that Miranda’s pranks made for some hilarious moments throughout the novel. When the final prank goes horribly wrong, Juliet finds herself in a situation that will change her life forever.

Juliet and Jonas are definitely an interesting couple to watch. They have admired each other for years, but have kept their distance for several reasons. Juliet and Jonas try to convince themselves that they are satisfied being friends, but the house party keeps them in close contact with each other. I really enjoyed their teasing banter. Juliet and Jonas are perfectly suited to each other, and I could easily picture them spending their lives together. As they spend more time together, their feelings for each other intensify and it isn’t long before others begin to notice. One of Miranda’s pranks puts Juliet in a rather compromising position that threatens to destroy Juliet and Jonas’ chance for happiness. Can another prank help Juliet and Jonas confess their true feelings?

I really enjoyed reading Lord Love a Duke. Miranda’s antics are very amusing, and Juliet and Jonas’ romance is touching. Their happy ending is well deserved and absolutely beautiful. Fans of historical romance would do well to pick up a copy of Lord Love a Duke today.


  1. Christiane says:

    Beautiful cover, but this dress is not Regency period. And just like that, I lost interest in a very probably good book.

  2. Moberlan says:

    I like the sound of the book. The cover’s dress style doesn’t bother me because I know that most authors have absolutely no say about what goes on a cover and it has no bearing on what is IN the book itself. I love the sound of the blurb and the review seems to back it up – that it’s a fun and clever romance working within the confines of the times. I love stories that overcome that challenge and have fun doing it. Thanks for the interesting review, Poinsettia!!!


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