Lord Logic and the Wedding Wish by Melynda Beth Andrews

Lord Logic and the Wedding Wish by Melynda Beth Andrews
Publisher: Pedestal Books
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (222 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Oil and Water…

Born on the same day, best friends and fiercest rivals Orion Chase and Artemis Rose are separated when they’re eight. When they come together once more as adults, nothing has changed. Still best friends, still oil and water.

When Artemis arrives on foot at his country estate, the ultra-logical, ultra-fashionable Orion Chase, the Earl of Lindenshire, is happy to welcome her–at first. Rejected by her mother’s family, Artemis, the granddaughter of an Earl, has been living as a Gypsy for the past 16 years and lives her life guided by signs and portents. But Artemis’s outlandish Gypsy ways can’t bother Orion, who hides his scientific bent with a facade of fashionability. After all, Artemis won’t be around long–or will she?

Orion’s not happy when his mother hires Artemis as her companion. And he’s even less happy when the ton mistakes Artemis for his mistress. A sham betrothal to save both of their reputations is in order–but it turns out that Orion is the only one who believes the wedding won’t happen!

This is such an adorable story. If you think the title is cute, just wait until you delve into this novel’s pages. The theme is ‘friends to lovers’ except a lot goes on between when they knew each other as kids, and when they meet as adults. Their mutual and fond background gives Miss Artemis Rose and Orion Chase a solid base to work with but their experiences in the ensuing years between kids and well- mannered adults creates a challenge to overcome. You see, Orion deals in facts, in theories he can prove with touch, observation and the use of his brain and technical tools of the time. Artemis on the other hand, has had an unconventional upbringing. The main influence in her life has been the beliefs of the Romany people and the heroine believes in signs, tea leaves and portents, basically obscure things based on conviction of her beliefs, not science. To say that this drives Orion barmy is an understatement. That dichotomy between the two protagonists is why I enjoyed this story very much.

What made this book especially delightful were the other ladies in Orion’s life; his mom, Lady Lindenshire and his really good friend, Mrs. Robertson. Between their conniving antics and belief in what Artemis believed, truly the hero didn’t stand a chance at resisting his falling in love with the heroine. Oh, he tried. Yes, indeed he tried, but the very last chapter proved to me that Orion’s path was forged many years before. Love has a way of making the impossible, possible. The most romantic part in the whole book which provided a definite ‘awww’ moment was that one scene that brought Artemis and Orion full circle to when they were kids. It left me in no doubt whatsoever that their happy ever after was guaranteed and they lived happily ever after.

The only element that hindered this story from being a higher rating was Orion himself. He resisted a bit too much, too long, and then there was Artemis for whom things just seemed to work out so perfectly. For every dip there was an immediate high, for every negative, something would happen to make the sweetest of lemonades from the profuse lemons that seem to be thrown at the heroine. Reading about the plot conflicts in this book was like eating Sour Patch Kids – it’s sour for just that little bit, then Bam! it shifts to the sweetest, yummiest flavor to enjoy. I think that’s why they are addicting, and why I couldn’t stop reading about Orion and Artemis.

Lord Logic and the Wedding Wish delivers a solid, enjoyable romance story. The heroine is quirky and adorable and the hero is a handsome geek who becomes his own man. In the end, he accepts himself for the person he is and ceased chasing a dream that was never his own. His personal growth was another of the strong elements that made this novel worth reading. For fans of historical romance that focuses on the relationship and romance, and not the bedroom, this is a recommended read.

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