Looking at Rose by Qwillia Rain


Looking at Rose by Qwillia Rain
The Poker Posse 1
Publisher: Loose id
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (141 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Mistletoe

Widow Viola Whittman is blessed with the company of her little girl, but she’s afraid the longer Rose stays home, the harder it’ll be for her daughter to find a worthy man. So she hatches a plan with her childhood friends to fix the problem.

Rose is twenty-six, happy running her sweet shop and living at home, but she’s pretty sure General Sherman would be celebrated in the South before she’d find a man in Magnolia not intimidated by her height and curves.

When she and her four girlfriends go to The Omen, a local BDSM club, to find a Mr. Right Now, the perfect candidate literally lands at her feet–Ibraham Rajonovich. Six foot six and sexy, Ibraham runs the urban winery in the shop next to hers and has fueled Rose’s fantasies for over a year; learning that he is a dominant just makes her want him even more.

Only one problem: Rose is a virgin and Ibraham has no intention of going there. At least not without full disclosure of what he expects of Rose, because the thing he wants most is to share the pleasure he finds in looking at rose.

Ibraham watches Rose every day and longs to indulge in his every fantasy of her. Her beautiful body calls to him and he is more than ready to do just that. Ibraham has watched her long enough and he has finally decided that this day he will make his move. Rose has no idea what awaits her. She longs for Ibraham just as much as he longs for her but will she be able to accept Ibraham’s lifestyle or will they lose their chance at a happy ever after?

Once again Qwillia Rain brings to life a wonderful world full of strong men and the women who love them. I loved meeting Rose and Ibraham and watching their relationship begin. Ibraham is an honorable man who loves deeply. He shows Rose that she is so much more than she thinks. She is beautiful inside and out and Ibraham intends to make her believe it. Rose has always been teased because of her size and never felt like she belonged let alone that she was sexy. When Ibraham begins to show interest in her, she finds it hard to believe. I loved watching Rose blossom with Ibraham’s help. The two make a great couple. The love that they share shines brightly through everything that happens.

Not only did I enjoy Rose and Ibraham’s story but the secondary characters made an impression as well. The mothers and their plan had me laughing out loud with their banter and antics. Rose’s friends are a great bunch and I cannot wait to see each woman find their other halves.


  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the book, Mistletoe. I’m still working on the other girls, bu there will be a man for each of them.

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