Lean On Me by Pat Simmons

Lean On Me by Pat Simmons
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (288 pgs)
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

No one should have to go it alone…

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Then Marcus gets to know the exuberant elderly lady and sees up close how hard Tabitha is fighting to keep everything together. Tabitha finds herself leaning on Marcus more and more. And he’s becoming more than happy to share her burdens…

This book is a sweet read that displays the concept of unconditional love. The book give readers a story of love and dedication to family as sisters alternate taking care of their Aunt Tweet who is sadly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In this story it’s Tabitha Knicely’s turn to care for her aunt.  Aunt Tweet decides to wander to neighbor Marcus Whittington’s porch. Marcus, although attracted to Tabitha from the start, accuses her of elder neglect and threatens to call the police. Another reason I enjoyed the book is that the author reveals some of the joys and challenges of the role of a caregiver. She didn’t bog the story down in the heaviness of Tabitha’s responsibilities and sacrifices but gave more weight to the romance between Tabitha and Marcus.

The characters are likeable and I believe the author touched on a topic that’s a lot more common than written about. This disease has touched my family firsthand so I commend Tabitha and her sisters in sharing the responsibility because caregiving is a life changing role and can weigh heavy on a person if they don’t have backup and resources to help. This leads me to wonder how much research the author did or was her sole purpose not to weigh the story down with in-depth heaviness of caregiving? There are resources that are offered and I couldn’t help but wonder why Tabitha and her sisters didn’t find out what was offered for help. It wasn’t until the end of the story when it was mentioned about getting Aunt Tweet a sitter. And I know firsthand that most people who have Alzheimer’s do not like a change of environment or new or unfamiliar people but Aunt Tweet didn’t seem to have any adverse reaction being around unfamiliar people except once during story time with the children.

I like the communication between the sisters and that they did video calls to keep in touch and check up on Aunt Tweet’s well being. I liked Marcus. He is a caring man and was there for a lot of people. His character seemed to be more developed than the others. We saw the business side of Marcus and his caring side. And it was a little scary and unreal how Marcus cared too much. He didn’t seem to hesitate or think twice about helping Latrice or Tabitha. Tabitha’s character didn’t seem to be as developed to me. All I can say about her is she’s a pharmaceutical rep and caregiver for her aunt. With the role she was in I wanted to see more realness, something readers in that role could relate to.

Though I enjoyed the book and reading about a real life illness the story was just too close to perfect and sweet for me. Readers who enjoy sweet happiness during a challenging situation, and no real suspense or drama would love reading this book.

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