Lady Mechatronic and the Bordeaux Locked Room Mystery by Arabella Wyatt

Lady Mechatronic and the Bordeaux Locked Room Mystery by Arabella Wyatt
The Steampunk Pirates
Publisher: Devine Destinies
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (88 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Advanced technology makes short work of a locked room mystery as Captain Hartwell and Lady Mechatronic find themselves with a body in a library…

Bordeaux! City of beauty, inspiration of Paris, source of exquisite wine! Unfortunately, Captain Hartwell is going to miss all of it.

Taking his crewman, Francois Bardon, home to Bordeaux ought to have been a short journey for the captain and the mysterious Lady Mechatronic, a silver star woman fallen from the skies, but rancorous relatives and an unexpected murder will make this visit to France an unexpectedly fraught experience.

The profoundly unpopular Lady Mechatronic series limps on with The Bordeaux Locked Room Mystery. Containing the fastest ever resolution to a locked room mystery.

The sailors of the ancient galleon and Captain James Hartwell don’t realize when they rescue a mechanical silver lady from the sea, that their lives have changed forever. Lady Mechatronic is able to send her nanobots to change, grow and repair the ship, and the deficiencies of the crew.

This is the fifth of the Lady Mechatronic books and the story continues with a trip to crewman Francois Bardon’s home in Bordeaux, France where they find desolation everywhere. While the Captain, the Lady and Bardon are away the sailors in their advanced alien tech ship defy their captain’s orders and attack three slave ships to rescue the poor unfortunate prisoners.

The Lady Mechatronic stories are filled with adventure and intrigue, but at the core is the doomed love of Hartwell and Mechatronic. They each think the other doesn’t love them and are unhappy with the situation but unable to find a way to resolve their differences of a human and robot being in love.

I have read the first in this series and found James Hartwell to be a typical navy captain of the nineteenth century. However the twist of being in love with a robot adds an extra dimension to the historical era. Lady Mechatronic is delightful. She struggles to understand the human words as their meanings are not always what they seem. The poor female also struggles with unexpected emotions as she finds herself jealous of James’ attention to another woman.

A good continuation of this series, each book giving a fresh outlook on the century and the problems affecting in the main characters. I keep reading more of these books as I’m longing to know how the captain and the lady resolve their seemingly impossible love tangle.

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