Kodiak’s Claim by Eve Langlais

Kodiak’s Claim by Eve Langlais
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (174 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

He might growl, but she’s not afraid to bite.

Hands full taking care of his clan, the last thing this Kodiak bear needs is a woman poking her cute little nose into his affairs. But when she refuses to back down—and shows the courage to stand up to him—he can’t resist the allure of a curvy city girl.

She’s mine. All mine.

And when a rival clan thinks to use her to force his paw, he’ll show them why you never piss off a Kodiak, or threaten what’s his.

Tammy is convinced men are all scum, even gorgeous ones like Reid Carver. She knows he’s hiding something. Something big. She just never expected a real freaking bear hid underneath all those muscles. But when the truth comes out and he tries to scare her off with a roar, she shows him not just bears have bite.

I enjoy discovering new romances. Especially if they are paranormal and deal with hunky were-bears and then turn out to be the first of many new treasures of an undiscovered series. I don’t know if it’s the growly gruff hero or the fact the heroine shot him in the butt, but I totally enjoyed myself reading Kodiak’s Claim.

Tammy is a most unusual heroine. She is not afraid of guns, growls or long Alaskan nights. She has a mom who drives her nuts and a job that ends up sending her to her destiny. I like how she likes herself as she is and isn’t afraid to give a pie her full attention. She’s a heroine who really appeals to me.

Reid is an alpha were-bear who is incredibly dominant, assertive and is rough around the edges. He is all about serving and protecting his clan. Basically, he is a very serious man. Until Tammy slams into his life. Oh my gosh! – the things she did to him? I laughed and laughed!

As with most paranormal stories with critters that have fangs and claws, there is an element of violence and threat that comes with the territory. It’s true here but the villain is a question mark for me. He’s thwarted in this story but is left as a dangling thread. The thing is, how the author chose to handle it left me on the fence regarding sympathy – is he a potential anti-hero? One thing is for sure, I’m solidly curious and fascinated. The villain is worthy of the title but there’s much more simmering under the surface and it’s a great hook for further reading.

Another great hook comes from the supporting cast that surrounds Reid. Boris is a man who has many secrets and issues. In this tale he is depicted as a wild card, an efficient killer if he has to be. A good man to have in your corner and I’m glad he’s one of the good guys. Reid’s grandmother is a hoot. I snort every time they mention the respect for the spoon.

As fun as this book is, there are a few things that I felt weren’t explained enough for me to accept. The natural wolves for instance. I can’t imagine them doing what they did without some kind of woo-woo factor yet no explanation was truly provided to make me believe their actions. I don’t think I’ve ever read a story where they are used in quite this way and I wasn’t convinced as to why they’d go against their nature. And, although Tammy sort of liked Reid’s high-handedness, and when she didn’t she gave him what-for about it, there were times the hero came across as a bossy jerk that no amount of the heroine’s melting for him made it fine with me. I think she should have looked for other kitchen utensils to use on him. Even with her propensity for kitchen violence, Reid and Tammy get their HEA and it’s as fun as it is surprising.

All in all, Kodiak’s Claim is a wonderful addition to my paranormal romance addiction. I had fun, I laughed and I enjoyed getting to know everyone at Kodiak Point. I can’t wait to read the next book.

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