Keeping Secrets by Cat Shaffer


Keeping Secrets by Cat Shaffer
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (167 pages)
Heat Level: sensual
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Sunflower

When Miranda Coulsen accepts a summer assignment that takes her to Colorado and away from her daughter, she doesn’t expect to encounter the sexy Rik Hallowell. He’s even hotter now than a decade ago, when they had a brief, sizzling relationship that fell apart once she returned to Michigan and Rik went back to the family ranch.

Rik has returned just long enough to get the place back in shape and hire a manager. His father’s death and his brother’s decision to take off without giving the ranch a thought has trapped him there for at least the rest of the summer. When he encounters Miranda, he realizes the sparks are still hot and he’s quite willing to engage in another summer fling…or more.

But they’re no longer the kids they used to be. And the secrets they’ve harbored for ten years may be far stronger than the passion they both feel and the love neither is willing to confess.

One can never forget their first love….and when two souls are reunited after years apart, it can only mean one thing. But first, they have to get through the past and be completely honest with each other, instead of keeping secrets…

The one person Miranda doesn’t expect to see again is Rik, and darn it if all of her signals and emotions don’t go haywire when she’s around him. Miranda has built a good life for herself and for her daughter. She’s got a strong willed attitude and despite working for a man that would be willing to give her job to someone else, she’s doing quite well for herself.

Rik is a different man than he once was. He’s keeping his place alive, but he’s not really living. He doesn’t want to date anyone in town, he just keeps somewhat reclusive. Feelings re-emerge when he comes face to face with the woman he couldn’t get out of his head all those years ago.

I have torn feelings with this story. It lacks the three dimensional characters. It’s like I’m standing behind a wall not able to feel. I couldn’t get the conveyed emotions from the story. Now, I will tell you, there is surely some tension between Rik and Miranda, and the draw of that backstory kept me going. The other big problem for me is the back and forth between the two. It’s like they want to stay away from each other, but then they don’t. There’s some harsh words said, and bickering, and it just got to be too much.

Closer to the end, the story started to wrap up nicely, and I liked how Miranda and Rik worked together to sort out their feelings and problems. I’m glad that I finished the story, since I wanted to know how they would handle the very big secret being kept.

Do you like contemporary, second chance romances? Why not try Keeping Secrets?

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