Kara by Scott J. Kramer

Kara by Scott J. Kramer
A Territories Novel
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, YA
Length: Full Length (195 pages)
Age Recommendation: 10+
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

It seems everyone is chasing twelve-year-old Kara. She is running not only from her powerful king and an assassin elf, but also from something horribly evil. She doesn’t know why they all want her or even if they want her for the same reason. She only knows she needs to hide somewhere safe.

When King La’ard attacks her home and captures her father, Kara escapes to the Territories where humans are unknown and elves, orcs and dwarves roam the land. She finds comfort and safety with a dwarc named Hambone, Dante a werefox, and Grace the sprite. To get back to the human land of Faldoa and rescue her father, she enlists the help of her new friends and a reluctant wizard. But can she figure out the secret that will save her and those she loves before her enemies catch her?

Imagine a world that is split so that humans live in part of the land and non-humans in the other, with a fast-flowing river and a wall between them. Kara, a twelve-year-old girl, finds herself on the Territories’ side of the river after running from the soldiers who had captured her father. Suddenly her world has been turned upside down and she has to fend for herself.

Scott Kramer has written an exciting, fast-paced novel about a very interesting world filled with both good and terrible evil. I love his characters, and I especially like how various non-humans and humans work to protect and help Kara. There are a variety of non-human characters, each unique and special. Dante is a were-fox, and his sister Snow, a were-rabbit. Dante is vain and easily lost and distracted but Snow is smart and clever. Hambone is a dwarc, half dwarf and half orc. He is gentle and kind, and he becomes Kara’s first friend in the Territories. Kara’s last non-human friend is a sprite named Grace. These friends work together to try to help Kara, and they even manage to convince the Wizard to help as well.

Kramer’s world is complete and magical. There are humans who can speak telepathically with animals. There are rats who fight the Witch Guard. And of course, there are some really nasty villains. The characters are well-defined and either very likeable or greatly to be feared, depending on whether they are good or evil.

There were some minor editing goofs sprinkled here and there, but not enough to slow down the reader. I found the plot to be both engaging and believable, and the ending was very satisfying, concluding this story properly, but providing a hint of what may lie ahead if Kramer writes another Territories novel.

Kara is an excellent read for fantasy lovers of all ages. I really enjoyed getting to know Kara and I hope that she has many more adventures. I would love to follow her and her friends as they work together to save their world.


  1. Scott Kramer says:

    The next installment of the series is out. Euphoria. In August the third book comes out. Taylon.

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