Just My Type by Erin Nicholas

Just My Type by Erin Nicholas
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (349 pgs)
Other: M/F, Toys
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Dahlia

Secretly wanting her—no problem. Her not-so-secretly wanting him—big trouble.

The Bradfords, Book 3

There’s only one problem with the woman Jason “Mac” Gordon wants: his best friend’s little sister is off limits. Way off limits, and too young and innocent for the likes of him. From past experience, he’s learned to hide his not-so-nice preferences from the nice girls he seems to attract. That definitely includes the woman he’s always thought of as a sister. At least until recently.

Sara Bradford always gets what she wants—which is partly Mac’s fault. After all, he helped spoil her. So she has no intention of taking his no for an answer on anything—least of all his refusal to sleep with her. He thinks she’s too innocent? Fine. She’ll simply get un-innocent and show Mac that she wants him—the good, the bad and the nipple clamps.

When Mac’s plan to drive her away works too well, he’s forced to follow her to a tropical paradise, determined to make sure she doesn’t find her wild side with anyone but him. Once she gets a real taste of what he likes, he’s sure everything will go back to normal.

That’s until he discovers a slight kink, er, flaw in his logic…

As a self-professed, high-maintenance and naturally optimistic person, confidence is key to Sara Bradford’s everyday life. Lately though her confidence has waned where one Mac Gordon is concerned. Sara just can’t seem to figure him out when it comes to his feelings for her. He’s been her long-time friend and confidant, but after years of growing up in front of the man who’s become so much to her, Sara is tired of waiting for Mac to make the first move. For once in her life, Sara decides to take things into her own hands and prove to Mac that she is the woman he wants. After a test of Mac’s lust goes wrong at her brother’s wedding, Sara becomes even more determined to prove herself to him. First stop, St. Croix where Sara will travel to become a more enticing woman, which means gaining the kind of sensual and sexual experience she believes Mac is looking for in a woman. But how much does she really know about Mac? Well Sara’s about to find out who the real Mac is and what he really wants.

Mac Gordon fully believes he is not boyfriend material. Nice girls like Sara don’t really want guys like him and besides she’s his best friend’s little sister, so just being there for her like a big brother is for the best. Or is it? Sara is Mac’s wildest dream and worst nightmare combined, especially after she takes off and he’s left with no choice but to go after her. Mac knows that Sara always gets what she wants and everyone treats her like a princess, but this time he may have to teach her a lesson she won’t soon forget. It’s time to shock her into admitting they aren’t a good fit for each other and push her boundaries so she’ll push him away. The only way to do that is to take her home and let her experience a different kind of living. But is it enough scare away “princess” Sara or will she finally find what she never knew she wanted and is Mac willing to live with the consequences.

When it came time for Mac to own up to his lustful feelings for Sara, he flirted toward the lines of exhibitionism and BDSM, but never took it to that next level, which was slightly disappointing. I was prepared for it, but the story turned out to be much tamer than I thought it would be. Still there was excellent usage of a pink fur wedge and some cotton candy flavored body powder to keep things fun and interesting, so Mac’s experienced self wasn’t a total loss and Sara’s inexperienced self was satisfied.

I was happily surprised with the turn of events in this story and series for that matter, and how the author takes two unlikely matched characters and makes them likely. It is sort of an opposites attract situation, but the love was already there courtesy of Mac being Sam’s best friend especially during Sara’s formative years. So Mac and Sara had their hearts in the right place and now just needed to work on getting their minds and bodies to follow. If you’ve read previous Bradford siblings installments then you know feelings of humor, anger, lust, love and guilt are bound to ensue, which creates a sort of realism that’s easy to relate to in drama-filled family/friends situations. As in real life, change is inevitable and some of us take it as it comes and some are a little more stubborn to accept and in this story between Mac and Sara, it’s very prevalent, but their journey through compromise is full of surprises and should definitely not be missed.

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