Jonesin’ For Action by Samantha Cayto

Jonesin’ For Action by Samantha Cayto
Seals on Fire Series
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (37 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Clover

Losing half a leg hasn’t slowed down Aiden Jones. He can’t deploy as a SEAL anymore, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying life as he always has. The one challenge left is to take a woman to bed. It’s not his ability he questions, but his appeal. Can a woman overlook his damaged leg?

Marissa Nelson tends bar while working on her dissertation. Cautious by nature, hooking up with customers isn’t her style, but Aiden tempts her to break the rules. More than the sum of his parts, he’s a man who can rock her world.

A man with needs, a woman with desires, how can the result not be explosive?

Aiden ‘Jonesin’ Jones is a retired SEAL, who wishes he wasn’t. He’d love to still be working as a medic with the rest of his team; traveling the world, hunting down the bad guys and being the one to help his comrades when things went wrong. But that’s not his life anymore, not since he lost a leg. Now his days are considerably less exciting. One thing would help though, because although he’s rehabilitated enough to enjoy many things – including waterskiing – taking a woman to his bed is his final hurdle.

Marissa Nelson works in a bar to fund her studies. She’s little but feisty and runs the place with professionalism and aplomb. It is definitely not her style to pick up customers, but when she sees Aiden waterskiing and then propping up her bar later that day, she just can’t help or ignore the attraction she feels for him.

This is the first book I have read in the Seals on Fire series and I have to say it certainly shows promise. The book is hot and sensitive and kept my interest from the first page. I liked how Marissa just went for it. She saw Aiden, fancied the pants off of him and wasn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone when she asked him back to her place.

Aiden was just adorable, and Mz Cayto handled his body image issues with great writing maturity. It was neither the main focus of the story, nor brushed aside. A well handled theme of overcoming serious injury and re-discovering sexuality. Marissa was perfect for Aiden, she had depth of character and was supportive and clearly didn’t have to fake any of her lusty desires, she was HOT for him.

Jonesin’ For Action is a character led story, not much else happens, but personally that is how I like my hot short stories. I really just want to know about the hero and heroine and imagine them riding off into the sunset together. I would certainly pick up another Samantha Cayto book and will be on the look out for more Seals on Fire.

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