Jilted by Kelly Jamieson

Jilted by Kelly Jamieson
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (230 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Quince

The wedding’s off but the honeymoon is on…

Promise Harbor Wedding, Book 1

Devon can do this. She can show up at her ex-boyfriend Josh’s wedding, even though he’s marrying her ex-best-friend. She can show everyone she’s happy with her fabulous life in Boston, her great career, her amazing shoes — and she can show everyone she’s over him.

Truth is, her life isn’t so fabulous. She’s just been downsized out of her job, her Jimmy Choos won’t pay her mortgage, and…she’s still heartbroken that Josh chose family over her. The real reason she’s enduring this wedding is that her next stop is nearby Greenbush Island, her last hope of finding a new job.

Josh knows marrying long-time friend Allie will make everyone happy after the rough time their families have been through, and since the woman he really wanted to marry chose her career and big city life over him—why not?

But the perfect wedding turns into a perfect disaster when Allie leaves him at the altar for another man. He never saw that coming! But hey, Devon’s there, offering to help him look for Allie on Greenbush Island, where he’d planned their honeymoon. Only, all they find there are their old feelings for each other and a temptation to risk their hearts one more time…

Being jilted at the altar is not a fun thing, but to be married to your friend because you think that is the honorable thing to do is an even worst option. Josh should consider himself a lucky guy because his fiancée was literally taken away from the altar. If that had not happened, he would never have rediscovered his feelings for his ex-girlfriend Devon.

I am a sucker for second chance romances and I really enjoyed Jilted. Main and secondary characters are great. Josh is such a nice guy. He has this strong macho side (not to mention a great body and a sexy occupation – firefighter), but he is also someone a person can lean on. At times he is honorable, dependable, and wants to help his family – what’s not to like? But sometimes he does too much of that, much to his own detriment, especially with regards to his relationship with Devon.

Devon is also great character and deeply wounded. Her mother left her when she was girl and that had grave consequences on her. She does not show her feelings easily and she likes to pretend that everything is fine. For that reason her relationships, both with her father and Josh, are on pretty shaky ground. But luckily at the end everything was resolved. Secondary characters complement the story and they gave the story a nice flavor. They also felt alive to me and I would really like to read about some of them in future books in this series.

Although the story focuses on Josh and Devon’s relationship, from their interaction with secondary characters it is obvious that not all issues will be resolved by the end of this particular book. The reason for that is because Jilted is a first book in the Promise Harbor Wedding series. Therefore, I hope that the issues not resolved in this story will be answered and resolved by the 4th book.

Unfortunately there was one the thing in the story that I found tedious. Devon was repeating one word over and over again as a catchphrase. If only the author could have downsized the repetitions by ten, the storytelling would have been much, much better. As it was, the repetition ruined me an enjoyment of reading a little bit.

Jilted is nice story and I am so happy that contemporary romance novels are still alive as a genre. I would happily recommend this book to all of my fellow contemporary romance fans.

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