Jewel of Ramstone by JM Powers

Jewel of Ramstone: Book #1 in Ramstone Series by JM Powers
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (425 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Awaking in the forest, a young maiden recalls naught—including her name. Equally conflicting is her desire to both slap and kiss Sir Galeron, the knight who claims to have protected her while she was unconscious. Much to her chagrin, he dubs her “Ruby of the Forest” due to her red hair, and insists she find refuge at his home of Ramstone. Prickling at his demanding ways, but with no other option, she accepts his offer. And although his kiss flames her attraction even more, Galeron dashes it with a confession. The brute is trothed to another.

Ruby’s journey is filled with laughter and weeping, daydreams and discovered abilities. But never does she feel complete. Her heart longs for a future that her past may destroy. Evil lurks, treading on each tidbit of memory she recovers. Will Ruby ever recall her past? And after an attack in the village that sparks a horrific nightmare, does she even want to?

Her memories would either bring madness … or respite from dreams filled with terror, blood and death.

Sir Galeron, Eldest son of Lord Ramstone finds a beautiful woman in the forest devoid of any memories. Inspired by the color of her hair and her fiery nature, Galeron dubs her Ruby. The attraction between Galeron and Ruby’s relationship build’s up and changes.

When Ruby meets Galeron in the forest the attraction is instant. But their relationship isn’t easy. It’s filled with slow returning memories that are fuzzy and more than a healthy dose of danger. From the first page both characters entranced me. The premise was exciting and it kept me reading and envisioning every upcoming moment of the book.

There was a main plot as well as a couple of subplots. When I started reading I questioned my decision to read a long Historical Romance. Sometimes long novels tend to meander about and bore me. It didn’t happen in this book since there was always something happening. Even the simplest actions captured my attention and held it.

Ruby’s memories, who she was and what happened to her, was very well constructed but I do think that the suspense of her memories should have been revealed a lot earlier. It was very much exasperating when I knew who she was (though I had no idea what happened and didn’t remotely have any idea until the climax) and had to wait for more than 200+ pages for the other characters to find out or even suspect anything.

That being said this book is filled with humor, sadness, happiness, terror…… anything and everything in between. Ruby is a headstrong and independent woman and it shows. But she is also tarnished with the memory or the lack of memory that makes her very much question everything. Moreover, I think there was a lack of descriptiveness about the surroundings, though the emotions were descriptive and touching.

I have to warn sensitive readers, this book does contain scenes of torture that some may find graphic and particularly disturbing.

This book is a romance but it’s also so much more; there’s also regret, forgiveness, strength and hope. I would very much recommend it to anyone with a love of Historical Romance.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review my book! The honest, thorough, and extensive review made all the hard work worth it. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Mere words can’t convey my gratitude.

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