Jaguar Hunt by Terry Spear

Jaguar Hunt by Terry Spear
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (350 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

An agent and a jaguar-shifter chase trouble, and each other, through the jungles of Belize…

Agent Tammy Anderson has a reputation: she prefers to work alone. So when she’s paired up on a mission with jaguar-shifter David Patterson—who’s only recently been released from jail—to say she’s less than thrilled is a understatement. Until she realizes that this sexy agent has what it takes…

Soon, what started as an “easy” mission to locate a missing jaguar takes the pair to Belize, where they’re chasing down two renegade teen shifters who know more than they’re telling. As the action heats up, can they keep their minds on the job and off of each other?

The basic theme of Ms. Spear’s latest adventure is best described by using Urban English: ‘when good guys go bad is when the real good guys are baddest’.

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Tammy and David spark off of each other early on in the novel. A reader sees them testing each other, feeling out as to what kind of personality each of them has. It’s comical at times, always interesting and it fit in with the movement of the plot. Little things happen, dialogue is exchanged and clues are dropped here and there throughout the story until a reader can finally start guessing who the villain is. I really thought I had it figured out. The joke was on me. I was caught by surprise by a couple of revelations and I loved that.

Secondary characters are extremely important to this plot conflict. Some confounded me, others made me laugh at times and a few had me scratching my head, “how’d they DO that?”. I liked how Ms. Spear wove two of the characters into the plot enough that they affected the hero and heroine. Many times I thought that they were too good at what they did for untrained hooligans, but they amped up the entertainment factor and provided many opportunities for giggles and chuckles. Certainly Tammy and David became exasperated with them at times, but that is what made it so fun.

I think Ms. Spear had way too much fun imagining the waterfall shower scene. By the time I was done reading it, I wanted one too. Whew!

Tammy’s neighbor, Gertie, was a kick. The author used the secondary character to reinforce to the heroine what kind of guy the hero was. Some readers might think Gertie falls into the category of a cliché, but I rather enjoyed the interaction, even more so because of Tammy’s reaction.

When Tammy and David finally scratch their kitty itch, it was hot reading. Readers who anticipate some seriously steamy love action won’t be disappointed. What I liked the best is that Tammy made David work for it. I love to see a man sweat.

One of the things I like about Ms. Spear’s novels is that she takes the time to give her characters depth and emotional complexity. A great example of that skill is the relationship between Tammy and her father. Readers are in for an eye-goggle. It certainly blew me away.

If a reader is in the mood for action, romance, intrigue and exotic locales, then pick up a copy of Jaguar Hunt and get immersed in the adventure. Ms. Spear has a history of writing books that provide solid entertainment and a fun time. Watching Tammy and Dave fall in love was all that and more. Try it and see for yourself.


  1. Looking forward to reading this.

  2. Xeranthemum says

    I hope you find it as fun and entertaining as I did, A. Neely!! 🙂

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