Jaguar And Grizzly by Julia Talbot

Jaguar And Grizzly by Julia Talbot
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full length (169 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

A client with a cheating wife, a warehouse of cult members, and someone with a deadly vendetta—just a day’s work for Apex Investigations. Or is it?

Bear shifter “Grizz” Locke is ex-military and ready for PI work, which if not exactly safe seems less likely to get him killed on a daily basis. The added bonus of teaming up with former lover, Brock, a jaguar shifter, is all the incentive Grizz needs.

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When an enemy targets the Apex team, Brock and Locke will fight with all they have to protect their own. To enjoy life and love as fate intended, they will have to find out who wants them dead before someone at the agency pays the ultimate price.

Brock has been badly burned physically and emotionally in the past by an ex-lover. He and Locke have a complicated history, but Brock wasn’t ready to trust again and so he pushed the Grizzly bear away. Both men have managed to come back together and been given a second change. They’ve both changed, but some things – like the sizzling chemistry between them – remain the same. Can they make it work this time around?

I really enjoyed this strongly paranormal full length story. While it’s the second in the Apex Investigations series I was pleased that it can easily be read as a stand alone story. I found both Brock and Locke to be interesting and layered characters, and while the chemistry and blossoming relationship between them was fairly smooth the trappings of plot around them – the PI agency and some of their cases – was more than enough plot, conflict and complications to keep me happily and eagerly reading away.

I adored all the characters of the PI Agency. I love it when a good story has a strong and large base of solid secondary characters, and I certainly found that the other PIs fit that bill. I am definitely anticipating more books to come in this series and feel the readers will be spoiled for choice whom among those left should be featured next.

While the paranormal world doesn’t differ too much from our own, there were enough references to difficulties between the various shifters (like alluding to the differences between “cats and dogs”) and enough magical shenanigans and world-building that I feel readers should be able to follow along at the more paranormal aspects to the world. Readers looking for something strongly sci-fi or deeply entrenched in paranormal lore mightn’t find themselves satisfied. But personally I felt there was ample magic and shifter side-plot to keep most readers – including myself – very happy with that side of the story. There was a strong element of conducting PI investigations which I also felt slotted this book thoroughly into the Mystery sub-category, though this wasn’t a “who done it” classic style of mystery.

With excellent characters, a whole bunch of steamy sex and a varied and delightful cast of strong secondary characters I found this to be a great read and one I really enjoyed. I will be eagerly looking for the next few in this series.

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