It’s a Wonderful Undead Life by R E Mullins

It’s a Wonderful Undead Life by R E Mullins
The Blautsaugers of Amber Heights, Book One
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Holiday
Length: Full Length (340 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

It’s been a rough couple of years for Cailey Kantor. Facing her first Christmas alone and bad financial news, she prays for an angel to fix her problems. Instead, a sadistic, sociopathic vampire, with the goal of starting a vampire war, attacks her and forces her to drink blood stolen from the Nosferatu Gabriel Blautsauger.

Gabe must complete Cailey’s turning or she will die. In doing so he risks losing his yet unfound soulmate. But something about the lovely mortal speaks to his heart. Once her transformation is complete, he and Cailey find themselves embroiled in a battle that could cost them all they hold dear.

Faced with lies, abduction, and betrayal Cailey wonders if the vampire she is falling fangs over heart for is in it for love or if she’s just a means to stop a war.

Sometimes the holidays literally bite.

Cailey is depressed about spending Christmas alone. With no family, a failed marriage, and a mountain of financial debt, Cailey doesn’t think her life can get any worse. Then she’s attacked by a vampire and discovers she’s the catalyst to starting a vampire war. Where is her guardian angel when she really needs him?

I think Cailey is a likable character for the most part. I admit that I was alternately entertained and annoyed by her antics. There are times when Cailey is incredibly brave and selfless. Her fierce determination to stand up for her friends is admirable. However, there are other times when Cailey is amazingly stubborn and childish. She makes some very stupid decisions that had me shaking my head. Even though she repeatedly puts her life in danger, she continues to insist that she is independent and can take care of herself. If Cailey expects Gabriel and his family to take her seriously, she’s needs to make some serious changes to her decision making process. While I was slightly aggravated by Cailey’s behavior, I must say that when she does find herself confronted by enemies, she demonstrates extraordinary strength and spirit. She never stops fighting not only for herself, but anyone else who needs help.

Gabriel is a very stubborn man who has his hands full with Cailey. His behavior and attitude is very old fashioned at times, but he truly has Cailey’s best interest at heart. He has no idea why Caily has a hard time trusting him until Morgan, Cailey’s best friend, clues him in. While the information did a lot to explain some of Cailey’s irrational behavior, I thought that the scene felt a bit rushed and forced, especially since Cailey was there to listen to the entire exchange.

Despite the issues that Cailey and Gabriel face, I think they have a great connection as a couple. Their relationship progresses very quickly because of circumstances beyond their control. However, I was very pleased to discover that when the dust settled, they were willing to slow things down and take the time to develop a meaningful relationship.

Gabriel’s siblings are certainly entertaining secondary characters. Although I must say that their constant bickering feels a bit overdone at times. I think Rafe is my favorite of the siblings. He displays a very tough and often cranky exterior, but I have a feeling that he has a soft heart underneath it all. I’d definitely be willing to read more about him in future installments of the series.

I found It’s a Wonderful Undead Life to be an enjoyable read. Ms. Mullins has taken a holiday classic and made it her own. The characters found within the pages of It’s a Wonderful Undead Life are definitely worth getting know. Anyone who enjoys holiday themed paranormal romance might want to give this book a try.

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